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YouTuber builds gaming PC from working toilet


YouTuber builds gaming PC from working toilet

A YouTuber has created a computer out of a public toilet, possibly the first toilet that can handle waste and play at the same time. Counter Strike: Global Offensive. What a world we live in!

As you noticed EurogamerThe YouTuber is basically homeless, striking a deal with electronics store Microcenter to build a gaming PC inside an actual toilet, with all plumbing and water included. It’s a wild thing, but not surprising. For as long as we’ve had toilets and video games, many people have tried to incorporate them. I even heard that siren call I tried to poop and play at the same time. Countless others do this while playing games on their phones.

But basically homeless people don’t want to bring a key, phone or steam surface into the bathroom. Instead, he wanted to create a system that would allow him to play shooting games at 120Hz using a mouse and keyboard while sitting on the toilet. In his video, he records the entire processI was blown away by the end results and lack of planning.

Basically homeless

The way this thing works is that half of the tank is toilet and Bobby holds everything with water. Then he built a “wall of water” with Plexiglas and glue. On the other side of the wall are all the computer components. The idea is to separate them and let them flush the working toilet while you play. Also, a fan is included in the cover to keep the computer cool.

It won’t surprise you to learn that the first time he connected the toilet to the water supply, the broken “wall of water” failed and he was done. Use the full range of Flexseal Inside the tank to protect the computer’s expensive electronics. However, with everything now working (including RGB lighting), the final computer/toilet hybrid is oddly impressive. Thanks to the large opening at the front, you can see both the working toilet and the working computer.

According to Basically Homeless, he had to learn basic plumbing and how to cut ceramic to build this strange computer. The end result is that a conversation is started and someone can now fix their toilet. A win-win situation indeed.

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