June 9, 2023

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Yuzra explains why she chose her look in her latest drama

The Egyptian actress explained Yusra The reason for his choice is his last appearance during the recent drama series “1000 Praises to God for Protection” which will be shown in the 2023 Ramadan drama race.

And she said Yusra During the press reports, “I decided on the look of Samiha’s character after a series of discussions and experiments with the stylist and costume designer. I wanted to change my look by using a new and different look.”

she explained YusraWe sat around a lot in the beginning to choose the closest look, and we went through a few trials until we arrived at the final look, which everyone liked. According to (her).

The series “1000 thanks to God for protection” presents a completely different story from the work of the great star. Yusra In the new work, a media doctor who immigrated to Canada with his family for a long time, Dr. The role of Samiha Zahin al-Suwaisi is presented, and the idea of ​​the journey and its consequences are discussed. A quirky social structure.

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He starred in the serial “1000, Praise God for Protection”. Yusra Shaima Seif, Mohamed Darwat, Mayan El-Sayed, Adam El-Sharqawi, Mahraganat singer Enaba, and artist Sama Ibrahim, Utaka, written by Mohammad Zulfiqar and directed by Amar Salah and produced by Kamal El-Adl.

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