May 28, 2023

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Zahrat Al Khaleej - In touching words .. Amir Maunib's daughter remembers her birthday

Zahrat Al Khaleej – In touching words .. Amir Maunib’s daughter remembers her birthday

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Mariam, the daughter of the late Egyptian artist, the late artist Amar Maunib, renewed her father’s 58th birthday and sent a moving message in which she expressed her longing for him and the deep sadness of parting as a little girl. Her father made her life a fairy tale, thanks to her tenderness, as she said.
Mariam Amar Munib, on her Instagram page, posted a collection of photos of her childhood and her father holding them in her hands and commented: “Today 58 candles … please set aside some time and wish this angel a happy birthday … Al Fatiha to him.”

“He made my life appear to be a fairy tale with happy outcomes and he made everyone around him smile.
She continued, “You have left our world, but you are still alive today. Happy birthday to the King of Happiness and my angel forever.”
Earlier, Maryam Amar Munib announced that she had contracted the growing corona virus. And on his page on “Instagram” he said: “Corona is positive.
Last year, Mariam Mounib surprised her fans by singing a duet with her father, the late singer Amar Mounib, and she earned the nickname “A Factor in Your Life”, where she voiced herself, interacting with a large number of followers under the human banner. The song has received 48 million views on YouTube.

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