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Zahrat al-Khaleej-Mohammed al-Sharnubi’s new song, “Aa al-Lasa de”, has been removed from YouTube. What is the reason?


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The global YouTube app has removed the new song “Eh Al-Lasa De” by Egyptian artist Mohamed El-Shrunobi, which was released on its official channel last Tuesday, and is one of his tunes. Mohammad Yusri.

The reason why Egyptian producer Sarah El Tabak is speaking out to block the release of YouTube management is because he sent the contract between him and Earth Production, whose terms state that he has no right to technical or advertising contracts other than himself.

Al-Sharnubi had previously warned his fans, through his official page on “Instagram”, against deleting his song, as was the case with his previous song “My Heart Is Rest”.

Al-Sharnubi said in the video: “YouTube’s policy is to allow anyone to file a statement about the song, or he can remove it by filing a lawsuit. It is my legal right.”

He added, “Let me tell you this video, listen to the song and download it quickly before deleting it.”

Al-Sharnubi recently received a court ruling from Sheikh Saeed Mistimenor Court to imprison her ex-husband, producer Sarah al-Tabak for 3 years. Long court dispute and conflict between them.

Also Egyptian actor and singer Mohamed Al-Sharnubi celebrated his first wedding anniversary with the artist’s business director Angham Randa Riyadh, in which he expressed his great love.

Al-Sharnubi posted on his page “Instagram” a group of photos he collected with his wife on various occasions and trips, and commented on them in a romantic way: “The first year we attacked each other in a house. And the second year, almost for us, each other. … I want to tell you a lot of things.Is not enough to tell you here, but I seriously feel that my heart and mind have chosen correctly.

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Al-Sharnubi added: “I have found you to be the most beautiful, kind and gentle woman in the world. May God protect you from me and save us from all evils. I love you, Randa, every year we are always together, God willing.”

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In line with the precautionary measures imposed to control the spread of corona infection, the young couple held their wedding with Randa Riyadh last year at a ceremony limited to the families of newlyweds.

At the time, al-Sharnubi apologized to his colleagues and friends on social media, explaining that the ceremony was held in his garden because he did not hold the wedding due to contagious circumstances, and that both families were obliged to wear masks.

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