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Zainab Abdullah writes: “Smells of a beautiful time” .. The story of Omar bin Abdulaziz series began in the house of Sheikh al-Baqauri .. Nur al-Sharif wanted to show one of his scenes on the day of his death.


The smell of the good old days

The Omar bin Abdulaziz series is one of the most important historical and religious series in our art history. Produced by the Radio and Television Union in 1995, he wrote the series starring Noor Al-Sharif. Directed by writer Abdul Salam Amin and master director Ahmad Tawfiq, the biopic of the fifth coming-of-age caliph, Khalifa Umar bin Abdulaziz.

But did you know, dear reader, that the idea for this series was born in the home of Sheikh Ahmed Hassan Al-Baghouri, a respected Azharite scholar, former Minister of Endowments and the first Endowment Minister of the government? The July Revolution of 1952 had many relationships with artistic people, including the great artist Noor al-Sharif.

In addition to his artistic genius and great talent, the great artist Noor al-Sharif was broad in culture and knowledge, and he enjoyed strong relationships with community figures from all literary, religious and cultural spectrums. With them, he may have had a great influence on his works. Among the religious icons Nur al-Sharif had, they have a relationship with Shaykh Ahmad Hasan al-Bakauri.

In an exclusive interview with The Seventh Day, Assa Al-Baghori, daughter of Sheikh Ahmed Hassan Al-Baghori, revealed details of her father’s relationship with artistic people, including the great artist Noor Al-Sharif. , and details of the visit of His Highness the Sheikh and the great artist of his choice.

Al-Baghori’s daughter noted that many artists frequented Sheikh al-Baghori’s home and had strong ties with him, recounting details of Noor al-Sharif and Nora’s visits to her father’s house during Ramadan with journalist Nam al-Baz. .

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The daughter of Sheikh Al-Baghori said on the seventh day: “During Ramadan, we were visited by journalist Naam Al-Baz, with whom we have a strong relationship, and artist Noor Al-Sharif and artist Noora. With her, they spent a beautiful Ramadan evening with us.

And he continued: “My father told Nur al-Sharif that you should take care of Islamic personalities, and as a result, Nur al-Sharif, after that, embodied the personality of Umar bin Abdulaziz.”

And he added: “That’s why I love Omar bin Abdulaziz, because I think he was the one who inspired my father to present a series about Noor al-Sharif, and my father believed that art can convey a meaningful message.”

Noor al-Sharif was very proud and proud to present the persona of Umar bin Abdulaziz, and through a play planned for him in the school theater, he confirms his attachment to his persona. In the last television interview and interview with him, and the effects of the disease appeared to him, the Umar bin Abdulaziz series he presented in his art history. He believes that the most important work.

Through his tears, the great artist spoke about the metaphor of the death scene of Omar bin Abdulaziz: “I see a moment of divine wisdom in the final scene of the Omar bin Abdulaziz series. Umar bin Abdulaziz dies. The great artist cried that this scene should be shown on his dying day.

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