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Ziyad al-Rahbani and Qazem al-Sahar to Ahmad Shayba. Latifah and success in presenting all kinds of music


The artist produces Latifah One of the most popular singers in the Arab world and has a large audience, she has managed to create a state of love with them over the years of her artistic career, and in recent times, the artist Latifah has found an artistic state. Activity by releasing several new songs that became hits with the Arab public.
What distinguished singer Latifah throughout her singing life was her continuous effort to present all kinds of music in all parts of the Arab world, and she did not stick to a specific musical template. A good singer with great musicians.

“Confirmed information” links Latifah to Ziad Rahbani

In 2006, artist Latifah released her album “Confirmed Information”, which included 10 songs, in which she collaborated with musician Ziad Al-Rahbani, who participated in the composition, musical arrangement and songwriting of 7 songs of the album.

Signed by Kazem El Saher and Latifa Nisar Gabbani

The artist Latifah worked with the artist Kazem El-Sahar, who composed several songs for her, the most important of which was the song “Talamni al-Dunya” from the words of the poet Nisar Kabbani, which was published. 1997. Kazem Al-Saher.

One of the most important artistic milestones in singer Latifah’s life was her collaboration with composer Omar Khairam through the song “Al-Ward Al-Baldi”, which was part of the events of the movie “Scott H Nasur” in which she starred. In his acting debut, and the film is directed by Yusuf Sahine.

A duet featuring Ahmed Shaiba with Latifah composed by Essam Kharika

Latifah Al-Musiq’s activity and enthusiasm does not stop at the boundaries of classical music, but she touched the Egyptian folk art when she sang a lyric with the famous Egyptian singer Ahmed Shayba through the song “Ya Elly”. From the words of Muhammad Helal, published in 2017.

Notably, artiste Latifah released her latest song titled “Monamore” which is the second track from Latifah’s album Summer Season 2023. The song is written by Ahmad Marzooq, composed and composed by Muhammad Yahya. Jalal Hamdavi.Latifah shot the video clip for this song in France and the song reached one percent, crossing one million views in one day.
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