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Zoho launches privacy-focused Ulaa web browser


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Riyadh – Astab News:

Zoho Corp., a leading global technology company, announced the launch of Ulaa, a privacy-focused browser designed to help users protect their personal data and activities and block website trackers.

Ulaa users can switch between five unique modes depending on their preferred browsing experience, each mode completely isolated from the others. These modes include Personal and Work Mode, Business Mode, Developer Mode, Kids Mode, and Open Season Mode. Each mode provides a protected browsing experience that meets the unique needs of each type of user or family member.

In this context, Haider Nizam, Head of Zoho Middle East and Africa, said, “Ensuring privacy in the online world is still a difficult task as the concept of privacy has lost its value as providers now offer commercial browsers. Advertising-based models highlight the importance of the dynamics behind the buying and selling of user data. This leaves users with a limited opportunity to protect their privacy and makes them accustomed to leaving the website in exchange for accessing it and not facing any problem.

Norton found that 85% of adults worldwide are looking for more solutions to protect their privacy online, while two-thirds of global consumers feel that technology companies have too much control over their data. The Ulaa browser is the latest in Zoho’s long-standing commitment to privacy. The browser is designed to help users protect their personal information and online activity from tracking apps that collect data for marketing and advertising purposes.

He added: “With Surf Browser, customers no longer need to compromise their privacy to browse the web, which has become a platform for spying and monitoring users’ activities, building on Zoho’s commitment to privacy and privacy-centric business model. It is our priority to provide a browser to our customers who respect their privacy and the privacy of their children.

The web browser comes with features that allow privacy adjustments, built-in user identity profiles, and integrated tools for productivity while maintaining the security and privacy of users’ data. Users can synchronize browsing sessions between devices – the entire browsing window or a tab – allowing for seamless use of multiple devices in a single browsing session.

The name Ula is the Tamil word for flight or journey, and the browser is built to add extra security with unauthorized push notifications, pop-ups, time tracking, DNS call-ahead blocking, and more. – Identity model and privacy customization features. , anonymized user data and statistics, disabling APIs, geodata isolation, end-to-end encryption and privacy statements.

The new browser also offers tab management options to see all your open tabs in one place, allowing you to group and organize them. It comes with integrated productivity-enhancing apps including Zia Search, Text2Speech and Zoho Notebook for existing Zoho users. All tabs feature a dedicated note-taking space so that users can easily record their ideas, reminders or important information without leaving it out. Browsing session. Ulaa Browser has Annotator, a new built-in feature that can annotate web pages and images directly.

It is worth noting that Ulaa is freely available for everyone in all countries of the Middle East and is compatible with most browser extensions, and its desktop version is fully available and can be downloaded here. Versions of the browser on “iOS” and “Android” operating systems are currently in beta and available for download.


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