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1.2 billion dirhams real estate transactions in Dubai


Dubai (Union) Real Estate Transactions Dubai Land Department Today, 1.2 billion dirhams, as of yesterday, 284 pledges of allegiance were recorded, of which 762.19 million dirhams, including pledges for 20 lands, 91.11 million dirhams, and 264 apartments, pledges worth 760. Million dirhams. 16 million dirhams of land was sold in Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s estates, followed by 8 million dirhams in Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s estates, followed by 8 million dirhams in Sheikh Mohammed Bin’s estates. Rashid. The first Jebel Ali zone topped the region with 4 sales worth 7 million dirhams, followed by Wadi al-Safa with 4 sales of 5, 19 million dirhams and the third Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens. 3 sales worth 32 million dirhams. The most important sale of apartments and villas was 52 million dirhams in Business Bay, followed by 30 million dirhams in Palm Jumeirah and finally 29 million dirhams in Palm. Jumeirah area. The Business Bay region topped the list in terms of number of loyalty pledges for apartments and villas, with 42 pledges worth 107 million dirhams, followed by Dubai Marina with 41 96 million dirhams, followed by Wadi al Safa with 5 pledges of 5 and 41 million dirhams. The mortgages recorded a value of 366.07 million dirhams, including 10 land mortgages worth 14.9 million dirhams and 37 villas and apartment mortgages worth 351.17 million dirhams. As for donations, 8 donations worth 67.43 million dirhams were recorded, the most important of which were 32 million dirhams in Al Tanya Fifth District and 16 million dirhams in Al-Jadaf area.

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