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BMW reveals a car that can change its color


German automaker BMW has unveiled its new color-changing paint technology at the 2022 CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

E-mail drawing, electronic paper technology used in e-readers, color-changing coating technology appear for the first time

Presented at BMW iX CES.

The company uses this technology so that people can express their uniqueness through the design of the car. This is the way they like it on both the exterior and interior of cars.

With this car, you can instantly change the color from black to white or add something like a race bar in the middle.

The BMW iX Flow surface coating contains millions of micro capsules containing electro ink, the diameter of which is equal to the thickness of human hair.

Each of these micro capsules contains negatively charged white and positively charged black pigments.

Depending on the system selected, the excitation of the electric field will collect white or black pigments on the surface of the micro capsule and give the desired shade to the car body.

But do not expect to see this at your local company dealer at any time. The automaker claims that this is an advanced research and design project.

The innovative paint scheme can be activated at the touch of a button. Colors are currently only available in white, black and gray. But despite the restricted color palette, the company notes that it could have implications for the performance of its electric vehicles.

BMW E Ink Introduces Color Changing Paint Technology

The company says: The white surface reflects more sunlight than black. The heat of the vehicle and passenger compartment can be indirectly reduced by changing the exterior color to a lighter color as a result of sunlight and outdoor temperature. Darker colors help the car absorb more sun heat in colder climates.

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The concept of customization is currently very popular in the automotive industry. But while most efforts focus on the interior and software changes to remember the driver’s preferred vehicle settings, BMW brings the concept of customization to the car’s exterior.

The company has tested the technology in various weather conditions and it works well. BMW said: ‘Digital experiences are not limited to future offers. There is more and more fusion between real and virtual. With the BMW iX Flow, we give life to physical activity.

BMW offers its million electric car

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