March 22, 2023

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10 Emirati stocks fell more than 3% during today's session

10 Emirati stocks fell more than 3% during today’s session

Shares of the United Arab Emirates fell sharply during Sunday’s session, with more than 10 stocks falling more than 3% to more than 8%, due to improvements in the spread of the new mutation from the corona virus and the decline in global stocks. Markets and global oil prices are closing in on many European countries.

In the Abu Dhabi market, the first Abu Dhabi stock fell 3.09% to 18.8 dirhams, making transactions worth 217.2 million dirhams.

Shares of Etisalat Group, which had performed well in the past, fell 3.58% to 35.58 dirhams per share, trading at 170.74 million dirhams.

Shares of Multiplayer fell 5.5%, attracting a cash flow of 126.5 million dirhams, leading the stock with a trading volume of about 63.98 million.

In the Dubai market, the pace of fall in key stocks was higher than in the Abu Dhabi market, with Union Properties down 8.03% to 0.309 dirhams, attracting 35.83 million dirhams in cash, leading the way. Traded with 115.4 million shares.

Shares of Dubai Financial Market fell 6.58% to 2.41 dirhams per share, attracting cash with a value of 67.08 million dirhams and trading volume of 27.55 million shares.

Shares of GFH fell 4.91% to 1.16 dirhams per share, while Emaar Properties fell 4% to top the list with a trading value of around 83.41 million dirhams.

Theor development was down 5.55% at 0.45 dirhams, with transactions of around 15.4 million dirhams.

Similarly, Dubai Islamic stock fell 3.23% to 5.39 dirhams, while Amlak’s fell 8.79%.

The share of Ras Al Khaimah chicken in the Abu Dhabi market fell by 10%, while the share of Dar Al Taqaful in the Dubai financial market fell by 9.77%.

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