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11 Top Windows 11 Apps Starting in 2022


Last year, Microsoft introduced Windows 11, the latest version of the most popular operating system worldwide, according to a report by Arab Gateway for Technology News.

The company relies heavily on improving the integrated ecosystem of its devices and services with Windows 11, thus creating many of the services available to the computer, such as the App Store and thereby the ability to download Android applications. Below we present a collection of unique and different applications found in the Microsoft App Store that can enhance the use of Windows 11.

Some of these apps are free and some are paid, but the Microsoft Store offers country-based pricing so you can find more discounted apps in your country. EarTrumpet Application Some people see that the volume control panel in Windows 11 is weak and does not give them many options, and Eartrumpet solves this problem.

The application offers an advanced set of different options to help control the amount of applications running in the background of the computer. You can control the audio capture and output devices separately for each application, which means that the external speakers work in one application and your headphones in another application.

Tweeten app Twitter generally does not have a separate official application for Windows, so fans of the site should go directly to its site. The popular TweetDeck application is not available for Windows either, and Tweeten provides the Tweetdeck interface but is more compatible with Windows 11, providing a solution to this problem.

You can fully customize the app’s utility in Windows 11 to suit your application by controlling alerts and other things. Feedlab Windows 11 has a wide range of news gathering applications that rely on RSS technology, but FeedLap has the advantage of being one of the most customizable applications and managing news bulletins.


The processor is constantly receiving many updates, so you do not have to worry about stopping or missing support from the store itself. PowerToys Tools These tools were officially developed by Microsoft to provide a wide range of options and customization settings for professional users. It adds various features to the system, sometimes integrating just like MacOS, and there are professional tools as well.

Onenote requires a convenient application for many users to take, record and share notes between their different devices. Onenote offers you this feature well and is very practical because you can easily share notes between your phone, desktop and laptop through the app.

The application also supports writing notes using a pen for tablets, so it is suitable for students and those who use notes from time to time.

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the most important computer applications when it comes to photo editing and optimization, and it offers experts many important features, including a built-in tool for taking screenshots Windows 11 screen shots, but like all configurations. Tools it is weak in terms of capabilities.

Also the ShareX application can modify this tool and add various and varied features that give the user many opportunities to change the captured images.

If you want, the app can capture screen videos or even a moving image, and it also offers a live tool for editing images. The Quicklook utility allows you to browse various files, images and videos directly without having to open the file browser. they.

This feature is considered to be one of the most important features of MacOS that many users like on the computer. Start11 utility This utility allows you to customize and modify the Start menu in Windows 11 and customize its layout to your liking, from the popular Stardock company.

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If you use more than one screen at a time or want to restore the old bar format, you can use the app to change the location of the start bar.

Dolby Atmos for Headphones If you are also interested in the audio experience in Windows 11, this application greatly enhances the audio experience of the computer. The app enables the Dolby Atmos surround sound feature through headphones to get the best audio experience.

If you buy the app through the Microsoft Store for Windows apps, you’ve got it on your Xbox. VLC application for playing videos This player is one of the most popular video playback applications available for all platforms and systems, and the application can play all audio and video files.

It has a powerful translation engine for running and searching on different translation platforms from all languages ​​around the world.

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