March 31, 2023

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صعود 13 منتخبا رسميا إلى دور الـ16 لكأس إفريقيا.. بينها منتخبان عربيان!

13 official teams, including two Arab teams, advance to the 16th round of the African Cup of Nations!

Thirteen official teams have qualified for the finals of the 33rd African Nations Cup on Wednesday, following the conclusion of the fourth group stage of the tournament currently taking place in Cameroon.

And the promotion of 3 teams from Group A was confirmed: Cameron, Burkina Faso and Cabo Verde (Cape Verde).

All three teams from Group B qualified: Senegal, Guinea and Malawi.

In addition to the initial qualification of two teams from the sixth group, it was confirmed that only two teams from the third and fourth groups qualified, as well as the C டிte d’Ivoire team “Ivory Coast” within its initial access. From the fifth group to the second round.

The competition system states that the teams with the highest number of points must qualify, along with the top four third-place teams at the group stage end, as the first and second place finishers in each of the six groups will qualify for the final price. The contract of 16 emerging teams for the second round.

If more than one team is equal in the number of points, the difference in direct confrontation is triggered and if a draw occurs, the goal difference between the competing teams will be the decisive word and then the goal difference will be scored throughout. Team, then fair play between rivals, and finally draw.

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Finals of Group A teams:

1- Cameroon – 7 points (qualifying)

2- Burkina Faso – 4 points (qualifying)

3- Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) – 4 points (qualifying)

4- Ethiopia – 1 point (officially called competition).

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Final stages of Team Two teams:

1- Senegal – 5 points (qualifying)

2- Guinea – 4 points (qualifying)

3- Malawi – 4 points (qualifying)

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4- Zimbabwe – 3 points (match officially called).

Final stages of the third group teams:

1- Morocco – 7 points (qualifying)

2- Gabon – 5 points (qualifying)

3- Comoros – 3 points

4- Ghana – 1 point (officially called competition).

Final stages of Group D teams:

1- Nigeria – Points (Qualification)

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2- Egypt – 4 points (qualifying)

3- Sudan – One point (officially exit the tournament).

4- Guinea-Bissau – 1 point (officially called).

Current positions of Group E teams:

1- Code de Ivory (Ivory Coast) with 4 points (qualifying)

2- Equatorial Guinea, with 3 points

3- Sierra Leone with two points

4- Algeria, one point.

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Current Status of Group F Teams:

Gambia with 1- 4 points (qualifying)

Mali with 2- 4 points (qualifying)

3- Tunisia with 3 points

4- Mauritania without debt.

Source: RT