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British Space Agency reveals details of "Rosalind" study and its launch date

British Space Agency reveals details of “Rosalind” study and its launch date

Belpalati revealed British Space Agency Rosalind Franklin’s Mars rover passes final test and goes on its way The red planet In September.

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This vehicle is part of the Exomars mission, which is a joint venture European Space Agency (ESA) and Russian Roscosmos, and Stevenage, assembled in the UK.

This year, the vehicle will begin operational tests on its rear, making sure all equipment is “on the plane”.

He is currently in the cleanest room at the Thales Alenia Aerospace Headquarters in Turin, Italy, in conjunction with Russia’s Kazakh landing site.

The final review will take place in April, before the rover and other components are sent to the launch site in Pyongyang, Kazakhstan.

Rosalind Franklin, formerly known as the Exomars Rover, was scheduled to launch NASA’s Perseverance Rover at the same time as the Red Planet in the summer of 2020, but it was delayed due to a corona virus infection.

ESA officials felt that additional tests, including a parachute landing, were needed before the launch could be safe and that there was no time to complete the required tests due to the Covit-19 travel restrictions.

It will be launched into space next September and will hit Mars in June 2023.

“Rover is ready, with the success of the latest parachute drop test, we are committed to a September release date,” said Pietro Baglioni, ESA ExoMars team leader.

Once every two years and only for ten days, the spacecraft will be able to reach Mars from Earth in a very short time – nine months.

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If all goes according to plan, the European Space Agency will become the fourth company to operate a vehicle in another world – after the Soviet Union, NASA and China.

In preparation for this moment, Rover’s twin Rosalind Franklin successfully left the stage during the latest tests on the Mars landscape simulator in Turin.

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