April 1, 2023

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1,300 migrants rescued off Italian coast

The Italian coast guard and navy have rescued more than 1,300 migrants in overloaded boats in the central Mediterranean, less than two weeks after a ship sank off Italy’s southern coast, according to the country’s emergency services..

Rescue operations took place today, while the body of the seventy-fourth victim – believed to be between five and six years old – was found in the tragedy two weeks ago off the Italian city of Crotone. Press Agency..

The judiciary opened an investigation into the tragedy to determine the reasons for the delay in the arrival of relief, and the incident shocked Italy, where the far-right government of Giorgi Meloni held a cabinet meeting Thursday near the sinking site..

On Friday, the Italian coast guard and navy sent several ships to rescue 1,300 migrants on three boats in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the world’s most dangerous migration route, and three coast guard ships are working to rescue two more. Boats with about 800 people..

Emergency services indicated that 487 migrants had returned safely to the port of Crotone at 2am GMT.

The Coast Guard released videos on Friday showing their part on a large fishing vessel in the middle of rough seas..

Another relief operation is nearing its end, with 500 migrants rescued aboard a Coast Guard ship.

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