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Emirates News Agency – “Sharjah Tourism” showcases the emirate’s tourism potential at the “Berlin Stock Exchange”.


Berlin, March 11 / WAM / The Emirate of Sharjah, while participating in the “Berlin International Travel and Tourism Fair 2023”, presented a unique and comprehensive picture of its most important tourist destinations and the places they represent on the global tourism map. Visited the fair held from 7th to 9th March. Overseeing and organized by the “Sharjah Trade and Tourism Development Authority”, the pavilion presented a clear view of its most important tourist attractions as it was visited. A picture of the present and future of tourism in the Emirate to showcase the beauty of nature in the desert, mountain and coastal areas and other landmarks and attractions.

The Trade and Tourism Development Authority brought together 15 government and private organizations related to the development of tourism sectors and services, besides representatives of tourism offices and travel agencies, during the exhibition and gave visitors an opportunity. To explore investment opportunities for the emirate in the tourism sector, the innovative design attracted the Sharjah Pavilion and its visual elements attracted visitors from all over the world, making it one of the most popular pavilions at the exhibition.

The representatives of the Sharjah delegation highlighted their efforts and innovations in the fields of sustainable tourism, eco-tourism, adventure tourism and cultural tourism, through which Sharjah has emerged as a leading regional destination in these fields, playing an important role in conservation. Monuments that tell about the social and economic history and natural environment of the principality.

The Emirate of Sharjah’s participation culminated in Khor Fakkan City winning the Best Arab Tourism City for 2023 during the “Arab Union for Tourism Media” awards ceremony held at the fair. Various expressions of mountain and coastal nature and rich cultural heritage, tourism activities, water sports, adventure tourism and heritage sites and cultural and luxury resorts are the main factors that qualified the city for this title. Winning this award is proof. The city’s commitment to promoting sustainable tourism and providing a pioneering experience to its visitors.

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Sharjah representatives held a series of meetings and dialogues with leaders of the tourism industry and potential partners, during which they reviewed opportunities for cooperation with the actors that abound in Sharjah, discussed various forms of eco- and cultural tourism, adventure tourism and sustainable tourism. , while the Authority succeeded in providing visitors with an integrated tourism experience in one lively journey, visitors were able to tour Sharjah’s most important tourist attractions through giant screens and virtual tours inside the emirate’s key museums, living the “Sharjah Safari” experience. While introducing investment opportunities in the hospitality and entertainment sector in Sharjah.

His Excellency Khalid Jassim Al Mitfa, Chairman of Sharjah Trade and Tourism Development Authority, said it is very important at the level of the global tourism industry as it is a major player in hospitality, entertainment and tourism. Sectors in the world are meeting, and its participation has promising opportunities to improve Sharjah’s position on the global tourism map, especially since the emirate has exceptional elements that focus on the interest of tourists and workers in this sector. on the grounds during exhibition days.

Al Mitfa added: “Through this participation, we have succeeded in presenting the comprehensive tourism face of the Emirate of Sharjah in a unique and exceptional way. Through our presence in Berlin, we worked to review biodiversity and sustainability programs in the emirate and the emirate. The European market is one of the most important markets to highlight the variety of entertainment options, and the inherent cultural depth of its tourist destinations. Sharjah exports tourists to the emirate and is interested in the culture, heritage and history that make up Sharjah. A great and attractive destination that caters to the aspirations of European tourists in general and Germans in particular.

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Regarding Sharjah’s participation in the Berlin Stock Exchange Travel Fair 2023, His Highness Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan bin Khalid Al Qasimi, Head of Government Relations in Sharjah, described the relationship between Sharjah and Germany as strong for centuries. Personal and diplomatic relations have been established with Germany as the most important trading partner for the Emirates in the region, Germany has played a key role in developing industrial sectors in the country, and the relationship with it goes beyond trade and investment. Cultural exchange until becoming a bridge between East and West.

He added: Over the years, Sharjah has been a must-visit destination for German tourists looking for a unique cultural experience. The emirate’s rich history, vibrant art scene and luxurious hospitality offerings have attracted visitors from Germany and around the world. On the other hand, German cities such as Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt were very popular, establishing strong ties between the two countries at all levels between the Emiratis. The impact of tourism is not only economic, but also has a direct impact on improving mutual understanding. and tolerance between cultures, nations and peoples.

Mustafa Badr al-Din / Bathul Kashwani

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