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$ 135 billion in app sales through online stores by 2021

$ 135 billion in app sales through online stores by 2021

A recent report by App Any, which specializes in monitoring the app market, shows that the number of apps downloaded from online stores has reached a new record with the total number of users paying in the past year. $ 135 billion worth of apps downloaded through the “App Store” or Google Play.

The report points out that this number is expected to increase by adding sales of applications to other stores in China when final data for 2021 are released.

Download times

The TechCrunch website, which specializes in technical issues, reports that the number of app downloads in the world increased 10 billion times in the past year to 2020, bringing the total to 140 billion times.

TechCrunch points out that the smart mobile application sector has become the largest industry in 2019, with the total market value of companies developing applications targeting mobile devices reaching $ 544 billion. Creates applications for mobile devices.

Meanwhile, over the past year, investors have paid $ 73 billion to mobile app companies, an increase of 27% year-on-year.


In addition, Censor Tower, which specializes in monitoring the application market, expects the number of utility companies to reach $ 1 million in annual profits for the first time this year, more than double the number of similar companies. First million dollars in net profit in 2016.

The company explained that the number of companies making the first million dollars in profits in the current year has reached 900,000 companies, compared to 475,000 companies in 2016.


On the other hand, Aptopia’s new report, which specializes in monitoring the app market, shows that the Chinese social networking app “Tick Tock” will be the most popular app in the world by 2021.

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According to the report, “Tick Tock” topped the list of most downloaded applications on users’ devices last year. “Aptopia” collects and analyzes user performance data in electronic application stores and detects the fastest. Applications that reach growing areas and a large number of modes. Download.

Very popular

By analyzing data from the “App Store” and “Google Play” stores, the company has identified the most popular apps in the US and the world, where it ranks the “Tick Tock” application owned by the Chinese “Fight Dance” company. First, both at the US level. , Or globally.

According to Aptobia’s global list, the “Tick Tock” app topped the list with 656 million downloads last year, while the Instagram app came in second with 545 million downloads, followed by Facebook 416 million times. WhatsApp came. Third, with 395 million downloads, and Snapchat with 327 million downloads.

In the United States alone, the “Tick Tock” application topped the list, with 94 million downloads, followed by Instagram 64 million downloads.

“Tick Tock” domain

Information security firm Cloudflare said in a statement last week that the “Tik Tok” domain name became more popular in the world late last year, moving the “Google.com” domain name to the top.

The domain name “Google.com” expired last year, the most popular in the world, while the domain “Tik Tok.com” was ranked seventh, but became a domain name last year. “Tik Tok.com” com advanced to first place and moved the name “Google.com” to second place.

The website “Cnet.com”, which specializes in technical issues, said that the increase in the popularity of the use of “Tic Tac Toe” for social networking during corona epidemics “contributed to the great leap of Tic Tac Toe”. The .com domain name refers to the increase in the number of users of the “DickTok” domain. DickTock reached 1 billion monthly active users last September.

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எண்ணிக்கை The number of companies making the first million dollars in profits by 2021 has reached 900,000 companies.

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