March 29, 2023

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Service for Blind Children .. Iyad Nasser Reveals Humanitarian Project | News

Artist Iyad Nasser revealed his participation in the humanitarian project with the aim of providing a cultural service for visually impaired children.

“I will always be part of the humanitarian program I am in. An important humanitarian project,” said Yasser al-Hashimi, who hosted the “A Last Word” program hosted by journalist Lamis al-Hadidi on the channel.

He added: “I’m an observer on Facebook, I found a simple group (see with my own eyes) and talked to the person in charge of the page and told him I would be interested if I could do something. .

Iyad Nasser explained that through this project he would record short stories in his own voice in classical Arabic for blind children and develop the idea of ​​providing them with other non-financial services.

He continued, “I am very interested in people who are convinced that they can walk the streets and walk around as I have seen abroad if they lose something that does not disturb them in life, and I am currently focusing on the cultural issue. I can talk a lot about it without letting the kids hear anything. “

Iyad Nasser’s participation in the upcoming film “The Priest” will feature two journalists working together on the information war and the struggle of hidden organizations to control the world economy. A lawyer collaborating with these organizations seeks to uncover a conspiracy within the framework of suspense and ambiguity.

Featuring a cast of stars including Hussein Fahmi, Mahmoud Hamida, Fatih Abdel Wahab, Jamal Sulaiman, Yod Nasser and Dora, the film was written by Muhammad Nair and directed by Uthman Abu Laban.

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