August 15, 2022

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140 cm thick snow obscures Japanese features (video)

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According to “Euronews”, snow continues to fall on the coasts of Japan’s sea and mountainous regions, and in some areas its thickness is three times greater than the average snow accumulation these days of the year.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said in a statement on Friday that snowfall, low pressure and cold winds were prevailing in the mountainous areas of northern Kondo, Nicata Prefecture, Tohoku District.

In three hours (from five to eight o’clock yesterday morning) the amount of snowfall reached 10 centimeters in Minagami, 9 centimeters in Kunma Prefecture and 9 centimeters in Yusawa, according to the above source. The current snowstorm lasted until yesterday morning, when the thickness of the snow was 140 cm in Shunai Town, Yamagata province. And 126 cm in Uno City, Fukui Province.

The Meteorological Department has warned of possible snowfall on the roads and asked motorists to remain vigilant as snow continues to fall on the roads.


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