September 28, 2022

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Horror scenes .. 100 cars crash following accident in Britain due to storm

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Social media has spread a horrific clip showing nearly 100 cars colliding on a highway in Britain due to Hurricane Eunice.

The British newspaper “The Sun” documented a video clip showing a number of cars in a complete crash following an accident on an Illinois highway.

British authorities have issued a travel alert following a collision of fallen trees on a railway track caused by Hurricane Eunice.

On Saturday morning, a group of British Rail Networks issued another “No Travel” notice in the wake of Hurricane Eunice causing widespread disruption to travel on Friday.

British officials expected travel chaos to continue today due to the storm, with authorities launching a major effort to clean up debris and other debris.

Yesterday, one of the worst storms in the UK, with winds of up to 122 mph, forced millions of people to stay indoors.

Conditions associated with the storm led to travel disruptions, flight cancellations and power outages, disruption of rail networks by flying debris, and severe damage to buildings and homes.


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