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150 films at the French “Lumiere” Festival .. Jean Campion won the “Nobel Cinema”


The Lumiere Film Festival kicks off on Saturday in Lyon, France. Its show features more than 150 films and documentaries.

The ceremony will include a meeting and tribute to many great stars such as Italian directors Marco Beloccio and Paolo Sorrentino, New Zealand’s Jean Campion and French philosopher Edgar Morin.

During the 13th edition of the festival, after winning the Silver Lion for Best Director at the 78th Venice Film Festival recently, Campion won the “Lumiere Prize 2021” which the organizers consider the “Nobel of Cinema”.

The public can watch or re-watch his seven films on the big screen, including the latest “The Power of the Dog” produced by “Netflix” and “The Piano” which won the Palm D’Or. In Cannes 1993.

Film enthusiasts have the opportunity to discover “The Last Daughter” directed by Maggie Gillenhall at the Venice Film Festival and 3 other films made for subscribers of the American streaming platform. De Dio “(Hand of God), Paulo Sorrentino’s latest creation and American actress Rebecca Hall’s first film” Speaking “.

And “Netflix” wants to highlight the author’s support for cinema, as it is in Venice in Lyon.

The ceremony pointed out that the coring of Jean Campion was “one of the last wishes” of French filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier, who was president of the Lumiere Institute until his death on March 24, and a special evening will be held at the ceremony to pay tribute to Tavernier.

A remake of Buster Keaton’s silent film “The Cameraman” will be shown at the start of the festival on Saturday. This 1928 tape also features the piano performances of the poet and composer Vincent Dullermi.

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Philosopher Edgar Morin, who recently celebrated his 100th birthday, renews a lecture on the “live cinema” experience with Jean Roche for the 1961 documentary “Chronic D’E” in Cannes.

The Lumiere Festival continues until October 17, and its performances and activities will take place in about 20 locations in and around Lyon and the Middle East, including musical performances accompanying cinematic films, one of which is a remake of Alexander Volko’s “Casanova” (1927).

Many filmmakers have previously won the Lumiere Prize, most notably Francis Ford Coppola, Jane Fonda, Wong Car-Way, Catherine Deneuve, Martin Scorsese, Pedro Almodovar, Quentin Tarantino, Ken Loach, Gerard Deportin and Milo Brothers Jean-Pierre and Jean-Pierre.

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