June 7, 2023

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Is it true that divorced singer Sherin Abdel Wahab beat and shaved her?

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Egyptian actress Sherin Abdel Wahab revealed the truth of the controversy after she last appeared shaved during her concert in Abu Dhabi because some said her ex-husband had beaten and shaved himself.

And in a tweet posted on Twitter today, Saturday, “Why is there a new look, why is there no change, why did I not do this even though I was depressed?” Said Sherin.

And, “Why did you impose evil and evil, and you did injustice to an innocent person and injustice to me?”

Shereen addressed her audience, assuming that these accusations came from the public’s love for her and her anger at being shocked by her hairless appearance, and stressed that she had derived her strength from them, as she said: “I am strong. With you, but I love you.”

Yesterday, Friday, the Egyptian star performed a concert in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirate, as part of the “Mother of the Nation” festival, and took to the stage to surprise the audience with her unexpected appearance.

Lebanese media Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya recently announced that Shereen and her husband Habib had already split, and Russia Today reported that Shereen broke her silence and sparked widespread controversy before securing secession.

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After that, the Egyptian artist demanded that the press and media respect his privacy, explaining that “he is the only reason for the separation and there is no need to go into details of his personal life.”