March 30, 2023

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160 Quran holders for Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Indonesian “Solo”.

Zayed Higher Organization for the People of Determination has launched a new humanitarian initiative by donating 160 Quran holders (150 small and 10 large) made by its affiliates to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Solo, Java, Indonesia.

These carriers are manufactured at the fingertips of members of the Zayed High Organization for determined people and carry their own trademark “The Bee” licensed by the relevant authorities in the country in collaboration with Mohammed Bin Zayed University. Human Sciences.

In collaboration with the Sheikh Zayed Mosque Center in Solo, the humanitarian initiative comes in line with the leadership’s directives to integrate vulnerable people into society. It aims to support the local industry of the “Al-Nahla” brand and empower the committed people.

The UAE Ambassador to Indonesia, Abdullah Salem Al Taheri, assured that the initiative reflects the development of UAE-Indonesian relations in various fields. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Solo is a beacon of moderation and moderation and a center for community development, helping to achieve religious, cultural, social, economic and social prosperity.

For his part, Abdullah Al-Humaidan, Secretary General of the Foundation, affirmed that this initiative spreads the UAE’s message of human brotherhood, which calls for peace, construction and development, and strengthens the brotherly ties between the two countries. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque Center in Solo emphasizes the importance of the active role of committed people in the development process, their empowerment and their integration into society, for the foundation’s cooperation on this initiative based on their faith.

Also, Dr. Sultan Faisal Al-Rumaidi, Director General of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque Center in Solo, praised the initiative. He said: “We learned from the late father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, who was a pioneer of humanitarian and charitable work, to provide humanitarian contributions and initiatives for all people, and our wise leadership continues that path, and the UAE is the first to support humanitarian initiatives. countries, and will continue to advance.” in consolidating its humanitarian message globally

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