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1674 people have been infected with dengue fever in Hadramout


Dengue cases have increased in Hadramout till June 9

Government health reports are revealed HadramoutAn increasing number of dengue fever cases have been reported among people in various districts and remote villages in Southeast Yemen.

According to reports provided by the Department of Epidemiological Surveillance at the Ministry of Public Health’s office in Seygun, more than 1,674 cases of dengue fever have been reported in the period up to June 9. Infected cases are concentrated in Seiyun City, its main suburb.

Number of accidents

Al-Qarn neighborhood recorded the highest rate with 237 cases, followed by “Trace” area with 216 cases, then Al-Khurfa area with 214 cases, and Al-Suhail neighborhood ranked fourth, the statistics indicated. 169 cases, then Darba region with 168 cases, then “Matoute” region with 150 infections, and Maramra neighborhood. -Thawrah, Bur, al-Suq al-Am, 22 May, Salilah and al-Qurain, less than a hundred cases for each region and one of them.

According to health sources at Seiyun General Hospital, recent rainfall in Wadi Seiyun areas has led to the proliferation of mosquitoes, the main carrier of dengue fever, indicating that the increase in infected cases is concentrated in Seiyun city. Wadi and Hadramout desert, neighboring towns and villages.

Yemen Health: 1674 people infected with dengue fever in Hadramout

Fog campaigns

Sources called on the health office and concerned authorities to implement fogging campaigns and launch awareness programs to educate citizens on how to prevent the disease.

And the World Health Organization has recently warned that dengue fever and other diseases caused by mosquito-borne viruses are spreading faster and more widely due to climate change, raising fears of a global spread.

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And taps experts World Health Organization The warning about the increase in the incidence of dengue fever explains that dengue fever is still present in 100 countries, but it is a threat to 29 other countries.

The number of cases has increased dramatically in recent years, rising from about half a million in 2000 to 5.2 million, the worst year.

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