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1st Scientist got 99.85%.. Publish photos of 1st Al-Azhar High School


The seventh day releases photos and the conclusion of the initial testimony Al-Azhar Secondary SchoolToday, Wednesday, the Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmad Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, made a phone call in which his sons praised the students who secured top positions in the Al-Azhar Secondary Certificate. Its departments at the Republic level for the academic year 2021/2022.

During his interaction with the Principal, the Grand Imam appreciated their excellence and their efforts so that they would get the first place, wished them and all the students for a hopeful and bright future, and carried the Azhar banner. Curriculums in various fields inside and outside of Egypt in the future will emphasize the need for them to continue to excel, excel and persevere, seek knowledge and always win first places to serve their religion and country.

Amira Osama Said Abdel-Moniji, a student at the Imam Abdel Halim Mahmoud Girls’ Institute in Al-Azhar District, Cairo, topped the literature category (98.73 percent) with a total of (622) degrees. ), and Alaa Ahmad Amin Muhammad Hassanein, a student at the Women’s Institute, Fuad Khamis, a model from Al-Sharqiya Al-Azhar Region, and Yusuf Ahmad Muhammad Abu Hussain, a student at the Tour Sinai Model Institute. South Sinai Region, repeated first and first place in the science category, with a total of (649) degrees or (99.85 %).

Reem Issa Abdel Qader Al-Badawi, who studies at Samanood Girls Institute in Al-Gharbiya Al-Azhar area, topped the list with a total of (617) degrees compared to the blind (97.94 percent). It topped the Islamic Science category (98.41 percent) with a total of (620) degrees.

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His Highness the Imam was keen to thank the parents of the first students for taking care of their children, providing a suitable environment for their excellence and achieving high standards among their peers, raising and educating their children. A better investment in their lives, so that they contribute to building the future of this country and its industry of civilization and progress.

To all those responsible for the educational process and examinations, for their efforts to improve the educational system, and for the Azhari students, he emphasized that Al-Azhar raises its loyal men. To raise its profile and spread its global message.

Following the approval of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif’s Deputy Secretary Professor Dr. Muhammad Al-Dhawini as a result of Al-Azhar’s second stage, the press conference is scheduled to be broadcast live on Al-Azhar’s pages on social media. Certificate Examinations, Grand Imam Prof. Dr. On behalf of Ahmad Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Sharif, to announce the details of the result and the names of the first students.

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