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2.19 billion dirhams share cash flow … and “Abu Dhabi” rises again


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  • (Abu Dhabi – Sabari Chakra)

Date: 03 September 2021

At the end of yesterday’s session the closures of local stocks were different and the Abu Dhabi Market Index ended at 7653 points. Shares exposed to profitable activities. Shares in both markets attracted cash flows of about 2.19 billion dirhams.

The Dubai market advanced in trading the day before yesterday with the number of transactions for listed securities as the decision to abolish the minimum trade commission in local markets began to take effect.

The number of transactions completed in the Dubai market during a trading session reached 6,739, an increase of 161%, the highest number of daily contracts since the beginning of 2021.

Cash flow is about 2.19 billion dirhams, of which 2.03 billion dirhams are in Abu Dhabi and 160 million dirhams in Dubai. A total of 461 million shares were traded, with 149 million shares in Dubai and approximately 312 million shares in Abu Dhabi, activating 9,191 transactions.

Dubai Market

The Dubai market ended 0.14% lower at 2,912 points, with the real estate sector down 0.26%, Emaar Properties 0.7%, DAMAC 0.8% and “Union Properties” 0.66%, shares “Emer Development” 1.2% and “Thear” 2.22%. Has risen, and the stock of “Emer Malls” has exhausted at its previous end. The investment sector fell 0.4%, with “Dubai investments” down 0.54%, while “Dubai Financial Market” and “Shuaa Capital” closed at their previous close.

The banking sector, which was supported by the stability of the previous closures of “Dubai Islam” and “Emirates NBD”, remained unchanged, and the transport sector, which is supported by the stability of “Air Arabia” and “Aramax” stocks, remained unchanged. And “Gulf navigation” on the previous ramp. Shares of the service sector fell 0.35% and the communications sector fell 0.45%, while the insurance sector rose 0.1%.

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“Shua Capital” topped the list, attracting 34 million dirhams, followed by “Emer Properties” 31.8 million dirhams, followed by “Dubai Islam” 15.9 million dirhams. “Tear” was up 2.22%, followed by “Al Rams Corporation” 1.3%, then “Emer Development” 1.2%, and “On Digita Service” 1.1%.

Abu Dhabi Market

The Abu Dhabi market ended 0.05% higher at 7,653 points, with the banking sector up 0.68%, “First Abu Dhabi” up 0.83% and “Abu Dhabi Business” up 0.53%, while “Abu Dhabi Islam” settled unchanged.

Investment sector fell 0.13%, “Abu Dhabi” 0.27% and “Eshraq” 0.3%, while “International Holdings” rose 0.07%, and “Waha Capital” remained slightly lower, and the real estate sector fell 0.07%, “Ras Al Khaimah real estate “Al-Dar” was down 1%, confirming its previous closure.

The telecom sector was down 0.47%, Etisalat was down 0.5%, Yahsat was down 0.7%, and the energy sector was down 1.1%, ADNOC distribution was down 0.44%, and Dana Gas was up 3.6% and ADNOC distribution was up 3.6%. . Energy “2%.

Aldar Properties topped the Abu Dhabi market with 442 million dirhams, followed by International Holdings at 417.5 million dirhams and then “First Abu Dhabi” at 399.4 million dirhams. “Sharjah Group” achieved the largest increase of 14.6%, followed by “Ze Stores” 9.8% and then “Bank of Sharjah” 6.7%.


– The National General Insurance Company has announced that 3 members of the Board of Directors have resigned from their posts for special reasons till August 31, 2021. Salah Mohammed Amin Abdullah, and South Mohammed Ibrahim Obaidallah, said the executives would consider resigning during next Monday’s meeting and take necessary action.

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– The Board of Directors of Drake & Skull International met the day before yesterday and took decisions related to the management and operational matters of the company.

Al Salam Bank – Bahrain announced its acquisition of 495,000 shares (Treasury shares) in the Dubai Financial Market and Bahrain Porsche, bringing the Treasury shares from 106 million 331 thousand and 551 shares to 106 million 862 thousand and 551 shares (4.415%) of the shares issued). On September 1, 2021.


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