June 2, 2023

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هلال القمر يقترن بنجوم التوأمين اليوم فى مشهد بديع بسماء مصر

The crescent moon is associated with the twin stars in a magnificent display in the sky of Egypt today

The sky over Egypt and the Arab world was seen on September 3, 2021, just before sunrise. Double assembly adorning the eastern horizon

Also, in a report by the Jeddah Astronomical Society, in addition, you will find a group of “winter” Gemini stars, the star Sirius on the southeastern horizon, and many bright stars seen with the naked eye.

The report pointed out that the appearance of the Great Order of the Stars, now known as the Great Order of the Stars that adorn the dawn sky in early September 2021, is a sign of winter.

The winter circle, sometimes called the winter hexagram, is not a single galaxy, but a unique shape of six stars in six different galaxies that correspond to the winter sky in the northern hemisphere and the summer sky in the southern hemisphere.

When looking at the winter circle from the right, the star of Gemini is found in the star Gemini, and then when looking at the circle clockwise the big dog can see Sirius in the constellation and Sirius in the constellation. The little dog, and the head of the rear twins and the twin heads presented in the constellation of twins, and almost all the stars in the Al-Ayuk constellation are at the first level, and Aldebaran Arich is in the constellation i.e., they are bright and easy to see.

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