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20 Industries Threatened by Artificial Intelligence.. Do You Work in One of Them?


Thursday, 09 March 2023 at 11:00 PM

Some see Artificial intelligence A recent study suggests that it is an exciting future that promises more technological, scientific and economic development for human society, but at the same time it may threaten many people’s jobs and render them unemployed over time.

A study conducted by a team of researchers led by Princeton University reported that the 20 most at-risk occupations, led by telemarketers, teachers, school psychologists and judges, were among the highest-risk groups.

According to Al Bayan, a team of university researchers has demonstrated a mechanism for professional exposure to artificial intelligence by combining 10 AI-powered applications such as language modeling with 52 human skills.

Fears of intelligent software displacing human activity recently made waves around the world after the introduction of ChatGPT and its ability to perform dreaded human professional tasks such as writing emails and applications.

The researchers then added the language model to the measurement, showing how it changed Chatbots Sophisticated industries like ChatGPT are now at risk.

These results seem to be consistent with the ChatGPT used for homework.

Trained on a large sample of texts from the web, ChatGPT can understand human language, interact with humans, and produce rich text that many say is human-like and highly engaging.

Artificial intelligence has yet to replace human judges, but the technology is useful in several ways in the courtroom, as an AI robot can gather research that prevents a judge from manually poring over law books.

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List of jobs at risk:

Genetic counseling (understanding the psychological and familial medical implications of a particular disease’s inheritance).

Financial Auditors.


Purchasing agents.

Budget analysts.

Justices of the Peace and Clerks.

– Accountants.

– Auditors.

– Mathematicians.

Judicial Law Clerks.

Education authorities.

Financial managers.

Job inspectors.

Credit authorizations.

History and Geography teachers.


Management analysts and brokers.