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20 years of US intervention in Afghanistan has been in vain – political – statements and translations


Elements of the “Taliban” movement entered the capital, Kabul, and its presidential palace, and rapid developments took place as the rebel group seized key cities one after another, exposing the weakness of the Afghan military, which was stationed there and exposed the government in Kabul.

According to the Washington Post, the Taliban received instructions from the capital not to enter the capital, and this is exactly what happened.

The U.S. embassy was expected to remain operational following the fall of Kabul, and most of the staff were expected to be evacuated after President Joe Biden announced that 5,000 U.S. troops would be sent to evacuate Americans and Afghanistan. Special Immigrant Visas Outside the Country I have learned the right lessons over the last 20 years.

There is no need to make the mistake of choosing between our involvement in unlimited military intervention and complete withdrawal, and any interim government that emerges from the inter-Afghanistan deal when Afghan President Ashraf Ghani leaves the country must match the Taliban’s rapid war gains. And the fall of much of Afghanistan, within a week, is the worst accusation of a two-decade-long policy of US intervention in the region, which has made Washington and the Afghan security forces hundreds of billions of dollars dependent on their permanent presence.

However, despite the Taliban’s increased gains over the years, it is only possible through further worsening stagnation, the indefinite deployment of US forces, and the rapid advance of the insurgency across the country. In the past, local leaders had to help surrender. Poor leadership in Kabul and a shortage of Afghan soldiers reduced morale and accelerated the surrender process. Washington exaggerated the legitimacy of the central Afghan government, but more importantly, it exaggerated the will. The Afghans must fight for this system. Although they want the Taliban to return to the Emirate, a lot of comments over the past few days point to what the Taliban have achieved and naively ask: “Why didn’t the US succeed in the mission?”

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Regional and local mediators knew that the United States would one day leave, and that the Taliban were staying here, and that the United States had been planning to leave Afghanistan or implement a limited form for almost a decade. Biden’s timely withdrawal was the right decision, we do not need another long charade, but the president’s withdrawal reflected the desire of the United States to clear its hands of future involvement with Afghanistan, and this put translators, women’s rights lawyers and other Afghans. Without risk it is more than necessary to evict them in an orderly manner, and some efforts have been made to examine what future obligations will look like.

Today marks an important turning point in US foreign policy: will we remain in the region after the withdrawal of US troops, or will we withdraw completely? The second option is not to end wars forever, but to pause them and find a way to deal with the troubled parts of the world, the only way to end costly military intervention, without relying on military foreign policy.

செலவு With the US occupation of Afghanistan and the defeat of internal and regional power movements, the cost of withdrawal became a suspended sentence.

Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan is the right decision, but its implementation indicates that Washington may not have learned the right lessons in the last 20 years.

Adam Weinstein was a political analyst and writer

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