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229 million global views of “50 projects” news


Media coverage of the first set of “50 projects” representing the new cycle of national strategic projects in the United Arab Emirates and establishing a new phase of the country’s internal and external development, international media coverage digital sites and social networking sites recorded in popular international media, about 497 articles in 25 countries on the first day of publication.

News of the first set of initiatives announced “within 50 projects” reached 229 million views worldwide. They learned the first set of plans to establish a new era of growth for the next fifty years. Regional and global position of the UAE in all sectors.

Reuters highlighted the quality initiatives initiated by the United Arab Emirates within the “50 projects”, including the aspect of supporting the national economy and the ability to attract foreign investment and attract talent from around the world.

The Bloomberg Agency announced a series of significant headlines, including “UAE expanding trade with Asia and Africa and targeting investments worth $ 150 billion.”

The Bloomberg Agency has introduced new features in the “50 Projects” package, which enables investors and talents around the world to implement new growth opportunities by providing new facilities.

The German DW provided new opportunities provided by the Renewed and Extended Residential System for residents to take care of family members, while allowing more time to find a new job after the employment contract is completed.

CNN presented the content of the Arab 50 Principles, which made a major announcement in the first set of “Fifty Plans” and drew a comprehensive view of the future of the United Arab Emirates and its comprehensive development paths for the next fifty years.

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The British newspaper, The Independent, “Emirates Introduces Plan to Invest in Its Economy and Update Its Laws” for investment projects “within 50 plans” and updates the mechanisms for developing its legal framework with the largest set of legislation.

The US Associated Press also noted that “with its fiftieth anniversary, the United Arab Emirates is seeking to accelerate the pace of economic and social development as it enters a new phase of the post – epidemic phase.”

CNBC presented national strategic plans that announced the need to enhance the role of the country’s industrial sector and the adoption of advanced technological applications and applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the United Arab Emirates.

Russia Today focused on the quality benefits offered by the new type of residency and work visas proposed by the United Arab Emirates, as part of the announcement of the first set of fifty projects, as an incentive to attract more talent and talent.

U.S. ABC News reports that the UAE has announced plans to invest billions in its specialized national economy regionally by announcing quality upgrades to the residential system used in the country where more than 190 nationalists live.

The French RFI highlighted the importance of the first set of “50 projects” in shaping the future of the UAE economy.

Canadian CTV News, under the headline “UAE accepts economic investment and legal changes”, explained the package of “50 projects” announced by the Malaysian Malay Times.

Indian Ndtv “Green Residence” holders celebrated the opportunity to work without the need to sponsor an employer. “Pakistan Today” highlighted the new green housing system and unprecedented facilities at the state level.

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