April 1, 2023

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23 athletes on the Olympic team list for "West Asia"

23 athletes on the Olympic team list for “West Asia”

The Olympic team will travel to Dammam, Saudi Arabia today, Friday, from October 4 to 12 to participate in the second West Asian Championships for U-23 teams.

The squad includes 23 players: Kalban Al-Nubi (Al-Uruba) Ahmed Mahmood (UAE) Abdullah Sultan (Bani Yas) Ahmed Fazi, Abdullah Idris, Salem Khairi, Raghan Walid (Al-Jazeera) Rashid Salem (Hatta Marwan Fahad) , Abdullah Al-Naqbi (Gorbakan)) Saeed Ubaid (Sharjah), Eid Khamis, Ahmad Jameel, Raid Reda (Al Ahly Youth), Saeed Sulaiman (Ajman), Khalid Muhammad, Nasser Al Zukhaili (Al Ain) Abdullah Anwar, Hussein (Victory), Mansour al-Harbi (unity), Yusuf al-Muhairi, Faris Khalil, Ali Saleh (al-Wasl).

The team was preparing to compete in an indoor camp in Fujairah, during which technical and physical exercises were conducted under the leadership of Spaniard Denis Silva and his assistants.

The national team will begin its tour of the match against Lebanon on October 4 at the Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad Stadium in Dammam. The match will take place at 7:30 pm UAE time and will meet Iraq on the 6th with Prince South Bin Jalawi. The stadium in Al-Ghobar will play against the Palestinian national team at the end of the group stage on October 8 at 4:30 pm at the Prince Fahad Bin Mohammed Stadium in Dammam.

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