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Symptom # 1 of vitamin D deficiency is a disorder that we all feel but do not feel

Symptom # 1 of vitamin D deficiency is a disorder that we all feel but do not feel


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Most studies and health statistics confirm that most people around the world suffer from vitamin D deficiency, especially those who live in the northern hemisphere of the planet or are healthy, with little exposure to sunlight.

A scientific study conducted by several scientists revealed a wide range of studies conducted in 2018 Published in “Curious” magazine Only 41.6% of adults in the United States suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which means that in some countries with generally low levels of health care the percentage may be higher.

Scientists have confirmed that this deficiency is a very worrying sign because “vitamin D” plays an important role in maintaining strong and healthy bones, proper muscles, current mood swings and low human immunity.

According to experts, deficiency of “vitamin D” can cause “confusion in energy levels” in humans, which is a very dangerous indicator, the causes of which everyone may and may not realize, the report says. “Eat this, it’s not” featured in the magazine American.

“Some of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are often confused with other symptoms … Chronic fatigue associated with vitamin D deficiency can be confused with the fatigue associated with aging or the routine stresses of life,” says dietitian Trista Best.

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Studies confirm that vitamin D deficiency is associated with fatigue

Several case studies have shown Published in “Public Health Information” There is a link between low levels of vitamin D in the blood and fatigue.

A 2014 study was published “North American Journal of Medical Sciences” Fatigue symptoms significantly improved after patients were given vitamin D supplementation.

In addition, another 2016 study found Published in the “National Medical Library” Improvements in participants’ fatigue scores were directly related to higher levels of “vitamin D” in the research model.

Medical centers recommend that all adults receive 600 international units (IU). One of them Simple Ways to Get High Vitamin DBy focusing on eating certain foods such as egg yolk, oily fish, red meat and fortified grains.

According to nutritionist and health expert Mary Murphy, And owner of MEM Nutrition and Health Expose yourself to the sun for five to 10 minutes “from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.”

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How do we differentiate between fatigue caused by vitamin D deficiency and normal fatigue?

In general, experts have warned against taking the old “vitamin D” supplements, should consult a doctor in increased doses because this vitamin is dangerous because it is fat-soluble.

“It can reach the level of toxins stored in the body rather than being excreted as water-soluble vitamins,” says Besset. But if a person gets this vitamin, “the comfort that a person feels when the vitamin D deficiency is corrected is the most important indicator,” he noted.