June 9, 2023

Dubai Week

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3 days of black continent fashion

Africa Fashion Week in the Middle East, in its first edition hosted by the Dubai International Finance Center for three days, gave fashion lovers and members of the creative community in Dubai the opportunity to explore the works of elite African designers and follow the latest collections. A well-known fashion house in the region.

Asser Levron, co-founder of African Fashion Week in the Middle East, expressed his pride in the event, which brought together a talented group under its roof and gave him the opportunity to showcase his creativity to a large audience in Dubai. . He said: “We want to expand our reach by opening doors to creative talents and fashion designers and help them join us in the coming years, contributing to making the event an innovative platform and increasing awareness of their skills, arts and designs.” By fashion designers from the African continent.

Throughout its days, the African Fashion Week in the Middle East, which has finally come to an end, opened its doors to a group of designers who graced the runway with their new collections and presented to the audience a collection of designs and pieces that express its essence. Their creativity and sensibilities of fashion and fashion world. With its new collection, the “Cape Costa” brand sought to showcase its eco-friendliness, focusing on sustainability in the production of gowns and kaftans adorned with motifs inspired by the Ghanaian nature, the collection reflects the future of fashion. .