April 1, 2023

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750 young people in Bahrain have started the Asian Paralympic dream

750 young people in Bahrain have started the Asian Paralympic dream

Manama (Union)

The Paralympic Games for Youth Bahrain 2021 officially kicked off, with preliminary athletic competitions in more than one sport, the UAE national team players actually started their participation through Mohamed Adel Al Balushi “Al Karash”, Mohamed Al. Mansouri “Spear”, Ali Saleh Sharif “Al Jalah for the Blind”.
In the 400-meter wheelchair race, Emirati Quint Ahmed Ahmad Nawad, Mohammed Al Shehi, Abdul Aziz Al Kindi, Humaid Jasem and Mansour Al Naqbi will compete in two different categories.
Today, it continues with the participation of national team players in athletics, poaching and badminton.
The competition followed the unveiling of the fourth edition by Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, President of the Bahrain Public Sports Commission, in the presence of delegates from 30 Asian countries at the grand opening ceremony of the Asian Paralympic Committee. Countries.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Sheikh Mohammed bin Taiz Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Bahrain Paralympic Committee and Chairman of the Supreme Organizing Committee, expressed his delight and pride in hosting the 750-strong Youth Paralympic Games and welcomed everyone in Bahrain. Male and female soldiers.
Addressing a large audience, he added: “We are delighted to launch, improve and enhance these young people from the Kingdom of Bahrain to a future point starting from this moment.
Majid Al-Osami, President of the Asian Paralympic Committee, also addressed the audience, emphasizing the great value of the opportunity for the Kingdom of Bahrain, the leadership and the people for hosting and the wonderful organization, the players to play in this tournament. , Called for maximum efforts to achieve their personal goals for themselves, their countries and the Asian continent, which would benefit from the emergence of any new stars to enhance the impressive numbers that Asian players are achieving in all international arenas.

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