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3 New Ways to Use Google Maps to Explore Your Neighborhood


Waze can be used as a navigation tool to get around town, but nothing beats Google Maps for a detailed view of your surroundings.

A more comprehensive Maps app is constantly being updated by Google, adding more features and moving around the world in no time. You can even go in time! Tap or click here for a Google Maps trick that looks at your house from years ago.

Technology giant Google Maps has introduced three more exciting ways to improve your life. Read about the latest functionality and how to use it.

Here’s the back story

Google initially admitted that Maps was introduced as a navigation tool, but since then it has evolved into a more comprehensive and travel companion app. Many people use it to get to know their surroundings or explore a city before going on vacation.

Since its inception, Google Maps has offered 360-degree photos, general photos of the area, and Street View, allowing you to get to the heart of the location. The company is taking things further by introducing three promised features earlier this year.

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1. Location-specific notifications

By updating Google Maps you can send your location to others just like sending your location directly through WhatsApp. This function lets you know when friends leave a location or arrive safely at their destination.

According to Google blog post, “You can only set up notifications for someone who has already chosen to share their location with you.” You can choose when to stop sharing your location with others, and you’ll also receive monthly alerts about your sharing activity.

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Get step-by-step instructions for sharing your location Google Maps is here For desktop computers, Android or iPhone and iPad.

2. Look for landmarks in the aerial view

You can view world landmarks in 3D using Google Maps on your desktop computer and fly around them to get a better view. This functionality is now also available in the app. Google calls this “All-View,” and it works a bit differently.

Available for select buildings and landmarks in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo, it adds a new dimension to your travel planning. When you search Google for a feature like the Empire State Building, you have the option to see a full 360-degree view.

3. Extensive bicycle lanes

Google will launch in the coming weeks and add a new detailed bike route viewer for specific areas. When getting directions from Google Maps, tap the bike option and you’ll get multiple routes with additional information like heavy traffic, steep hills, or whether it’s a major road or local street.

Bonus: Keep your data private

Sometimes you just want to keep some things private. Google Maps definitely needs your GPS location to provide navigation data and information about your location.

Did you know that Google stores all your location data from Google Maps? Here’s how to disable Google Location History on Google Maps:

  • Open Google Maps and make sure you’re signed in.
  • Make your click Personal image.
  • methods Manage your Google Account.
  • Tap Information Privacy tab.
  • under Registration settingsPressure Location registration.
  • Tap turn off button. (Suspension: If it is already disabled, there is no need to press the button. It appears on the left side of the screen.)
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Tap or click here for more ways to reclaim some privacy from Google.

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