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34 marine lifeguards at Corfacon Beach


Fahad Buhendi (Gorbagan)

The Gorbakan Municipality has deployed 34 special marine lifeguards along the Gorbakan and Al Jubara beaches to ensure the safety of travelers to Gorbakan Beach, which is the city’s main attraction for large numbers of visitors. Incidents of drowning increase in summer.
Kalban Rashid al-Muqni, head of the Gorbakan Municipality’s operations and research department, confirmed in a special statement to al-Ittihad: This was done in two phases.First there were 25 lifeguards in Corfacen Corniche.The second phase included 9 lifeguards on Al Jubara Beach, the lifeguards were trained and qualified for rapid intervention. They were also provided with the latest rescue equipment, the most important of which were water bikes, rescue boards, life jackets and more. The quality of the sites and their suitability for swimming, along with the fact that lifeguards are eligible for early intervention. And first aid work.

  • Kalban Al Muqni

Requirements were set to ensure the safety of the public and beach goers: setting aside specific times from sunrise to sunset, preventing children from entering the pool without the support of adults and parents, allocating swimming spaces and separating them. Sites of water bikes.
On the other hand, one of the lifeguards said: “The role of the lifeguard is very important and one of the most important requirements for safety and security on the swimming pools, in addition, families and families feel safe with existence. In addition to the readiness of rescue equipment such as life jackets and rescue boards, it is essential to monitor the beach, keeping in mind that the work of lifeguards is not limited to the work of lifeguards but is completed. By giving first aid to a drowning person, protecting him from the consequences of drowning leading to death.
On the other hand, those who went to the beach confirmed their gratitude and determination for the presence of lifeguards on the beach. Ayesha al-Hammadi said: “In the past, the situation was completely different after the provision of lifeguards. Parents being on the beach to monitor their children, their presence is of no real value in rescuing anyone in the area, and most children come with their mothers if they drown, so rescue or intervention is not possible. “
Salem al-Nakbi said: Gorbakan beach is visited daily by a large number of visitors and swimming, water bikers, divers and other marine sports coaches. Therefore, this action and providing lifeguards and identifying designated locations for each. The game is very effective and plays a major role in saving lives, thanks to the municipality of Gorbachev.

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