January 28, 2023

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35 windows were broken during filming in Burj Khalifa

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Director of “Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol” Brad Byrd has revealed that he filmed the famous acrobatic scenes of American actor Tom Cruise sitting in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The director told the London-based Radio Times, citing the American website ScreenRan, that the crew behind the film had broken 35 windows during filming, which was needed to shoot the film and take additional shots and add angles.

According to writer and screenwriter Mike Jones, the Burj Khalifa scenes in Mission Impossible 4 are still the highlight of the film, and may be one of the best moments of full-fledged spy film ownership to date, with the long-awaited arrival of the Seventh Mission: The Impossible film waiting for him. As for the reason for this, he sees Tom Cruise’s participation in the film series, and the contents of the fourth film take on a new level. Breathtaking moments. The photo of him sitting on top of the building is going viral on the internet.

In his quest to create the image, the bird said, “We had to take out the windows and put in new ones. We did it in five places, but when we started, we said okay, can we break it. Still?” Except for a close-up of a copy of the building.

“We got everything we wanted, got and finished breaking about 30 windows. We filmed more and more along the angles, and this whole movie is basically IMAX scenes shot in the tower. Considering the uniqueness of Burj Khalifa, its location and environmental factors, the cost of breaking every window Although the director did not mention it, Jones believes it is a dwarf compared to the cost of the film, which has a budget of $ 145 million, and considers its creation to be a complex and expensive job.


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