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African Mathematical Union selects Tunisian Ali L. Bakluti as Africa’s Best Mathematician of 2022 | Science


L-Bakluti is preparing to receive his award on August 1 in the Brazzaville, the capital of Congo, which coincides with an international forum organized by the African Mathematical Union every 4 years.

His continued scientific and research contributions to the field of mathematics for nearly a quarter of a century earned him the award for Best Mathematician in Africa, Section A. This is by a Tunisian scientist professor. Ali al-Baqloudi That Got it a few days ago The award is presented annually by the African Mathematical Union to professionals living and working on the African continent in recognition of their work, publications and creativity in the field.

El-Bakluti, the first Tunisian in the history of the award, is preparing to receive the title next August 1 in the Brazzaville, the capital of the Congo, in conjunction with the international forum organized by it. African Mathematical Union.

Professor al-Bakluti is currently the Vice President Sfox University The Tunisian said his interest in mathematics had accompanied him since childhood, and that he had seen good oversight from his university years at the Faculty of Science at the Sfox Governorate, where he was first in his class during his four years of study.

Professor Ali al-Bakluti was able to deepen research into hypotheses and solutions to enigmatic mathematical problems (al-Jazeera)

Explore hypotheses and solve problems

Professor Ali al-Bakluti’s interest grew in 1995 when he entered the research phase of directing a doctorate and was offered the opportunity to study in France.

In a telephone interview with Al Jazeera Net, al-Bakloudi pointed out the importance of his experience in France and the professors who contributed to his research work, all of which encouraged him to continue and grow. The profit he made when he returned to Tunisia.

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He sought to deepen research into a number of hypotheses and to solve many enigmatic mathematical problems. For many research books, he has contributed to building dozens of students during his PhD phase, and has interacted with numerous laboratories around the world.

Al-Baqluti’s research trip, in which 80 scientific articles were published in international journals (Al-Jazeera).

The math is glamorous

Professor Ali El-Bakluti points out that research work should be parallel to social activities, considering that there are many skills in Tunisia that require polishing, building and adaptation.

So, the goal was to send Tunisian Mathematical Society He has been a leader for many years, and his work is based on highlighting national production in mathematics internationally, publishing two publications, the first in the United States.Tunisian Mathematical Journal(Tunisian Journal of Mathematics), second in the UKAdvances in Pure & Applied Mathematics(Advances in pure and applied mathematics).

In addition, Professor Ali L-Bakluti has been a permanent member of the “House of Wisdom” of the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts since 2016. He is also a founding member of the Mediterranean Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Position of Deputy Director since 2012.

Professor Ali El-Bakluti sent the Tunisian Mathematical Society, which he chaired for many years (al-Jazeera)

Applied Mathematics and Research Mathematics .. What is the relationship?

According to Professor Ali L-Bakluti, creativity in the field of mathematics is not a genetic problem, but a skill that requires refinement and attention, considering that Tunisia includes many inventors in the field of mathematics.

Al-Baklouti distinguishes between the fields of research mathematics and applied mathematics; Economics, finance, statistics, media and more.

L. Bucklotti noted the great role that applied mathematics plays in supporting the efforts and work of those working in the field of research mathematics, noting that it is not possible to advance research without relying on the results of available applied mathematics. A specialty of most Tunisian universities, it explains why this university is full of the science cards it imposes on itself. World and Africa.

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El-Baklouti wants to set up a research center for mathematics and physics in Tunisia (Al-Jazeera)

Mathematics and development

Al-Baklouti argues that mathematics is not just a science subject but should contribute to development, not to mention that in developed countries such as France, the United States and the United Kingdom it contributes between 8% and 12%. Jobs, the percentage he expects to achieve in Tunisia.

In this context, al-Baqludi calls for increasing the motivation of mathematics and sharpening the mind towards correct mathematical thinking, emphasizing the need to establish the importance of mathematics in developing someone who thinks systematically and objectively on the right mathematical foundations. A research center for mathematics and physics in Tunisia, given the importance of this science and its applications in reviving the economy and providing useful guidelines for many disciplines.

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