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38 scientists from Tanta University are on Stanford’s list of the top 2% of scientists in the world this year.


Garbia Mustafa Adel

Sunday, October 8, 2023 at 12:02 PM

she announced Danta University 38 scientists from the faculties of medicine, engineering, pharmacy, science and commerce have appeared in the top 2% list by Stanford University for the current year, which is an increase of 12 scientists from last year.

Dr Sherif Abdel Salam, Assistant Professor of Tropical Medicine and Influenza, Dr Ahmed Kabil, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Dr Mohammad Abdel Ghafar, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, are on the new list of the College of Medicine. Department of Clinical Pathology.

From the College of Engineering, Dr. Abdel Nabi Gabil, Department of Power Mechanics, Dr. Ammar Al-Sheikh, Department of Production Mechanics, Dr. Ihab Al-Laboudi, Department of Construction, Dr. Mustafa Fahmi, Department of Construction, Dr. Saleh Shalabi, Department of Physics and Engineering Mathematics, Dr. Al-Sayed Al-Aghous, Department of Power Mechanics, and Dr. Diya El-Din Abdel Sattar, Department of Electrical Power. Dr. Muhammad Abdel-Kayed Power Mechanics, Dr. Muhammad Al-Khadim in the Department of Electricity, Dr. Amira Ashour in the Department of Communication, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sayyid Al-Shishtawi, Department of Power Mechanics, Dr. Medat Al-Khilawi Department of Power Mechanics, Dr. Royat Ismail in the Department of Communications, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Morshedi in the Department of Electrical Power, Dr. Muhammad Ali Beg in the Department of Physics and Engineering Mathematics, may God have mercy on him. , Dr. Hamada Risk in the Department of Computer and Automatic Control, and Dr. Abdul Qader Saad in the Department of Mechanical Power Engineering.

From the College of Pharmacy, Dr. Jamal Muhammad Al-Maghrabi in the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Dr. Fathu Rasheed Mansoor in the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Dr. Ibtisam Ahmed Isa in the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Dr. Nagla Bhatti Khader in Biochemistry.

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From the College of Science, a full-time professor in the Department of Physics, Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Azeem Al-Sabai and the former Dean of the College, Dr. Mohammed Ahmad Al-Issawi, Prof. Dr. Al-Rifai Sofi Kenawi, Full Time Professor of Department of Botany, Department of Chemistry and former Dean of the College and Dr. Mustafa Mohammad Al-Sheikh, Full Time Professor and Former Associate Professor of Botany Department, University President Dr. Dr. Mohammad Labib Salem, Emeritus Professor and former Head of Department of Zoology. Sameh Sameer Ali, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, Dr. Mohammad Mohammad Ayad, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Osama. Professor Emeritus Mohammad Hamida of Department of Physics, Professor of Mathematics Department Dr. Tariq Saleh Amir and Full Time Professor of Chemistry Department Dr. Muhammad Jaber Abu Al-Azm, Professor Ihab Mustafa Dosan, Prof. Department of Zoology, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hadidi, Professor of the Department of Mathematics and Dr. Muhammad Barakat, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry.

From the College of Commerce, Dr. Riad Eid, Professor, Department of Business Administration.

The list includes more than 210,000 scientists from 167 countries around the world, and scientists are classified into 22 scientific fields, divided into 176 specializations based on the Scopus database. This list is published by Elsevier Foundation.

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