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Tafar Yusuf is a guest on “Tanveer” in Sharjah


International composer and Tunisian oud player Tafar Youssef will be the guest speaker at the third day of the region’s first festival, the “Tanveer Sacred Music Festival” held at the Miliha Desert in Sharjah. From November 24 to 26, he will accompany the audience on a cultural journey that bridges distances and celebrates a common musical and human heritage.

Artist Thafar Yusuf, who has created an innovative musical style that fuses jazz, Sufi music and classical songs, presents an exceptional performance that enthralls spiritual music lovers from different parts of the world. Ott, the excellence of his vocal performance and ability to compose musical pieces that evoke emotions and deepen the soul. It explores various concepts in the human experience of existence.

In his artistic career, Tafar Yusuf received many international awards, which is a testament to his creative musical abilities. In 2015, he received the “Polar Music Prize” and in 2017, the “Edison Award”. The most prestigious international music awards for her work. Her album “A Collection of Beauty and Strangeness”, described as a masterpiece.

The festival brings together an elite group of unique artists with exceptional experiences in music. Among them is Amir John Haddad – The Prince, a multi-instrumentalist with Chandris Sipa who mixes flamenco music, Arabic rhythms, classical pieces and a variety of musical genres in his performances and engages the audience. With nature, through its spontaneous melodies.

The festival is hosted by international percussionist Daniel Chayek, who transports listeners to renewed audio worlds with his unique rhythms. Participating artists include Maria Koman, known for her passion for Byzantine music. And he delivers spiritual songs that touch the human essence, in addition to… Artist Nasib Bushbell accompanies the festival audience to sonic spaces that encourage contemplation and balance as his works help guide the audience towards self-discovery and harmony. And earned him a huge international presence.

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The list of participants will include Mongolian singer Tumencherkal Thrinadmit, who will join the band “Kosakhtan” that combines traditional Mongolian instruments with goomi melodies or “throat singing” to transport audiences around the world to the aesthetics of Mongolian tradition.

Mai-Lan’s soothing voice and Ali Pervez Mahdi’s soulful vocals make for a culturally melding musical blend. The festival is also hosted by artist Fadi Rifai, who sings spiritual songs and songs that express the healing power of music.

These talents, along with another group of artists, musicians and practitioners, embody the message of the festival, which offers laser shows throughout three days in a unique visual experience.

Under the vision of Sheikha Bodoor Al Qasimi, the festival offers concerts by international musicians, interactive arts, handicrafts, healthy and organic food, quality and healthy living activities and other events that make up the festival. A commitment to sustainability and enhancing visitors’ connection with their cultural roots amidst nature.

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