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4 axes and work groups to manage school tomorrow effectively and safely


Tina Johnny (Dubai)

The Emirates Foundation for School Education has created four axes for school work for all academic levels at Emirates School, which will be implemented in the new academic year starting today, Sunday. It is part of the School Day Design Guide created by the Foundation to ensure that students in different parts of the country return safely to their schools.
The first is related to print management and organization, and its use is overseen by the school operations department. This axis includes a number of tasks assigned to school administrations, including analyzing and studying school reality, determining the functional model, defining a permanent student body for realistic daily attendance, setting up a task force, and defining the roles and responsibilities of all school staff. And opening effective communication channels with parents and students. Establishing restrictions on the implementation of school activities such as morning meetings and clubs, and coordinating student groups with transportation, investing all school facilities and resources to support the learning and teaching processes, such as assessing and reporting students’ safe incomes, science labs and libraries.
In the health and safety axis under the supervision of the competent department, the school administration takes into account precautionary measures while students are in school in all school activities, uses school building readiness practices within the health and safety protocol, and ensures students with serious illness to adhere to the direct distance education schedule on a daily basis, and train supervisors Do it. Buses provide precautionary measures and organize the movement of students and teachers in school facilities.
In the teaching and learning axis under the Department of Educational Development, school administrations should organize classroom planning tasks and activities among course teachers, allocate time for the teacher to pursue self-learning assignments, obtain students with daily commitment, provide a special education class teacher or assistant, teach and Evaluating the quality of learning and continuing to improve it.
All school teams will be ready to accept new roles and responsibilities to implement realistic and hybrid education, in an awareness and empowerment axis overseen by the Department of Training.

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