June 2, 2023

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Egypt launches first high-speed rail project to cover 660 km at a cost of $ 9 billion

Egypt has begun implementing the country’s first high-speed rail project from Ain Sukna to Marsa Matru, with a route of about 660 km, at a cost of $ 9 billion.

The “Seventh Day” website monitors the implementation of the project, its route from Ain Sukna on the Red Sea coast, parallel to the Hurghada-Cairo road, between the desert areas and the mountains, passing through the new administrative capital and the pre-May 15 and pre-Helvan mountains, October and from there to Alexandria, Reaches Matruh up to Al Arab and El Alamein.

He confirmed the start of work on the preparation of the route from Helwan and the administrative capital from May 15 to the mountains, thus ending the project route with its last station within the port of Ain Sukna, where the contractors are participating. Exploding the mountains using explosives in the implementation of the project contradicts the route of the first high-speed rail project, where the route for departments and distribution to Egyptian contractors.

After the Egyptian contractors complete the construction of the track, they will complete the construction of the expressway and road, parallel to the start of construction of stations located along the route. The length of the project, which examines the length of the project, is $ 9 billion, while Siemens “operates the Al-Alamia project’s signaling and communication systems and provides trains to work after its operation.”