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4 stars “death” in one day in Ramadan drama


The scene from “Ja’far al-Omta” where Talal kills Bilal Shama

Thursday 20 April 2023 / 15:59

Ramadan drama series, in yesterday’s episode, saw tragic events as the episodes of 4 Egyptian series ended with the death of 4 main characters, which are “Jafar Al-Omda”, “Under Security”, “The Canto Market” and ” Sara Al-Badi’, social network Among the best interactions of the predecessors of the platforms.

In the “Jafar El-Omta” series, the 28th episode ended with a key scene where Iman Al-Assi “Talal” stabbed Majdi Badr “Bilal Shama” and called it “Master Sin”. Zabarin died at his farm, where Talal recorded the moment with audio and video statements, and his son’s friend “Saif” was watching it from home.

Tribute to Iman Al-Assi’s role in “Jafar Al-Omta”.

Despite Iman Al-Assy’s villainous role in the series, he received widespread praise from critics and the public as they marveled at his skill and talent in the role, which some considered an artistic rebirth for Iman. Victory, denial and love are mixed in embodying a personality possessed by feelings of jealousy and hatred.
Imman revealed the scenes of the scene, saying that it was psychologically difficult to communicate the scene to the audience with all honesty and professionalism, and director Mohammad Sami told her that it was one of the most important scenes in the series.

Series “Sara al-Bediya”…and the death of Ahmad al-Saadani

And in the series “Sara Al-Batia” directed by Khaled Youssef, in the 28th episode, the character “Hamid” played by Ahmed Al-Saadani stops the French soldiers after leaving his house to confront them. They attack the village and kill its people, but as soon as he leaves they shoot him to the ground, I go out, his mother, who portrays Hala Sidki, bids him farewell by telling him that she dreamed of establishing a shrine for him. He died near his son, and the people gathered around him, calling him Sultan Hamed.

Series “The Canto Market”…and the death of Mahmoud al-Basawi

As for the series “Canto Market”, the 28th episode “Shehada al-Kashmash” ended with the death of his character, the artist Mahmoud al-Basawi, during the battle between him and Amir Karara, “Taha al-Kashmash” and Ahmad Salah Hosni, “Sale al-Kashmash”. , about his takeover of the family’s inheritance, then tells them of the appearance of the man who was looking at “Saleh” and that their grandfather fled for revenge in the past, and that his real name is Taha Abdel Maksud, whose birth certificate they found in his late grandfather’s grave. Shehada dies after taking a bullet and asks Taha to forgive her before she takes her last breath.

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“Under Security” series… and the death of Rushdie al-Shami

In episode 13 of Mona Saghi’s “Under Guard” Rushdi al-Shami, “Uncle Rabi”, suffered a serious back injury and died while trying to confront thugs associated with “Sale” Diab. “Hanan” tries to take over the boat from Mona Jacqui, and viewers relate heavily to the death of “Uncle Rabi”, who praised his character from the beginning of the series, comparing him to the giants of the beautiful era. , and portrayed his role brilliantly and skillfully, and a state of sadness prevailed over the audience, who bid farewell to “Uncle Rabi” with words expressing sadness, and among the comments “The end that broke our hearts for President Rafih, uncle of Habib Al Jumhur.

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