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5.8 billion dirhams in Dubai real estate transactions in one week


Dubai Land Department's real estate transactions in the current week exceeded Dh5.8 billion, with the department recording 1,721 sales worth Dh4.49 billion, including 114 sales of land worth Dh1.36 billion and 1,183 sales of apartments and villas. Valued at 3.13 billion dirhams.

The most prominent land sales were in Al Thanyah 5 area for 268.33 million dirhams, followed by Warsan 4 area for 113.9 million dirhams, followed by Palm Jebel Ali area for 65.26 million dirhams.

Hind City region topped the 4 regions in terms of sales, recording 18 sales worth AED 20.57 million, followed by Bam Jebel Ali region with 11 sales valued at AED 311.64 million, and Saih Shuaib 1 in third with 8 sales. Sales worth Dhs 15.95 million.

As for the most prominent sales of apartments and villas, Al Thanya 1 area sold 110.01 million dirhams, followed by Palm Jumeirah area with 62 million dirhams and finally 56.4 million sales. Dirhams in the Palm Jumeirah area.

Al Barsha South is the fourth area in the number of apartment and villa sales, recording 170 sales worth 163.95 million dirhams, followed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Garden area, recording 119 sales worth 286.11 million dirhams, and third in business. Bay recorded 81 sales worth Dh138.74 million.

The mortgages recorded a value of 779.4 million dirhams, including 53 land mortgages worth 109.85 million dirhams and 273 mortgages on villas and apartments worth 669.54 million dirhams, the most prominent of which is a 125 million dirhamshool in Al Hamria area and another 125 million dirhams. Area worth Dhs 52.15 million.

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In terms of donations, 98 donations worth 616.75 million dirhams were recorded, the most important of which was in Al Tanya 4 area, 101.25 million dirhams and another in Burj Khalifa area, 68.03 million dirhams.

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