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An Emirati “saloon” reaches Al Neyadi in space



Prepared by “Islamic Food”.

May 29, 2023

11:51 am

Dubai: The Gulf
The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center announced the successful arrival of a “Made in the Emirates” meal to the International Space Station for the first time in history, giving astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi and his fellow members a chance to travel on “Expedition 69”. Eat food from the motherland, and it includes a group of carefully selected dishes based on a popular traditional cuisine, which is based on the Chicken Salona, ​​al-Islamic cuisine prepared.
Providing Emirati food to the International Space Station contributed to highlighting the unique culture and culinary heritage of the UAE, and Al Islami Food emphasized the importance of authentic Halal food as a sound choice as it was able to provide astronauts with a balanced diet. Norms of nutritional value embrace intrinsic values ​​passed down from generation to generation, ensuring easy portability, storage and use in zero gravity environment.
Salem Al-Marri, Director General of the Centre, said: “It is a proud moment for our nation to deliver Emirati-made food to the International Space Station, which highlights the best aspects of Emirati culture, culinary heritage and entrepreneurial spirit. This achievement not only enriches the food options offered to astronauts, but also sets an example.
He added: “We are proud to share a part of the UAE with the global astronaut community, and we look forward to strengthening our partnerships with local producers to expand the range of Emirati foods available on the International Space Station in the future.”
The selection of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center to identify suitable companies was precise with a long history of serving Emirati food, and after engaging with around 20 manufacturers; Al Islami Foods, thanks to its inherent heritage in serving authentic Halal food products since 1981, and its experience in producing high-quality food for nearly five decades, was chosen to be part of this historic event.

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