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5 Innovations From Intel That Will Change Business And The Gaming Community


Intel’s 2023 annual innovation conference unveiled five cutting-edge technologies that could change the way people work and play, including AI-powered software that can turn smartphone video into detailed 3D models and digital twin software that can create 3D representations. of the real world.
Here are 5 cutting-edge technologies featured in Intel Innovation Platform 2033:
1- GenAI-based protection against adversarial attacks:
Intel has developed a method to protect machine learning-based computer vision applications from so-called adversarial attacks using a standard text-to-image propagation model.
Systems that rely on computer vision applications, such as self-driving vehicles or satellites, are vulnerable to adversary attacks that could disable them, Intel said. To the human eye, these overlooked patterns cause object detection models such as YOLOv3 to incorrectly detect objects, humans, or other organisms in the field of view. It cannot be detected by computer vision systems.
From there, the Intel research team designed a way to protect computer vision applications from adversary attacks by using static propagation to overwrite unnoticed patterns, allowing the computer vision system to function normally again.
2- Cloning of neuronal bodies
Neural Object Cloning is an AI-powered asset digitization software application that can create a detailed 3D model based on a physical object using video from a smartphone.
The project, which is being developed by Intel Laboratories in collaboration with the company’s data center and artificial intelligence team, can create a 3D representation of a real-life object in 15 to 20 minutes based on a video clip that captures most angles of the object. , including its shape, texture and reflective features, from clips. Video of the real thing.
Intel is expected to release a version of Neurobody Cloning by the end of the year.
3- Intel Cinescape
SceneScape is a digital twin program developed by Intel that uses cameras and other types of sensors to create a real-time 3D digital representation of a physical area. SceneScape strives to go beyond individual sensors and create real-time 4D digital twins of the world.
Additionally, you can use SceneScape to create zones within a zone and set alerts if an unauthorized person or object enters the zone.
These capabilities can help organizations where situational awareness is critical, such as construction sites or hospitals, where viewing multiple camera views is not enough.
Such as a car parking near an important building or a power plant or a hospital emergency room but no one has left the car, this is a scene that Cinescape can understand better than individual cameras.
4- Intel Smart Screen
Intel Smart Display is a software package that enables various display features to help save power, thus extending the battery life of laptops even when they are running all day.
Another feature is called Dynamic Visual and Power Optimizations, which “intelligently” dims the screen’s backlight “based on what’s displayed on the screen,” which is useful when browsing the web using dark mode or watching videos with dark scenes.
5- OpenVINO based AI components for Audacity
Intel has developed several AI plugins for open-source Audacity audio editing applications, demonstrating how upcoming Core Ultra processors can accelerate AI workloads.
In a demo at the show, the plugin created a song in seconds on an Intel development laptop running a Core Ultra processor.

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