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5 restaurants in Dubai that are the most amazing in the world



5 restaurants in Dubai that are the most amazing in the world

After attracting many famous international chefs, Dubai has become home to some of the best restaurants in the world and has also developed a collection of amazing experiences.

Today, according to Time Out magazine, the city has many amazing dining experiences, from a dinner session 50 meters in the air, or on top of a ski slope, or inside a bubble, or inside. Amidst a deep artistic environment using artificial intelligence. There are 5 exceptional experiences. Eat in the city.

The first is a café accessible only by ski slope.

Located in the Mall of the Emirates, the Avalanche Café allows skiers the opportunity to enjoy a hot plate of soup or a sandwich or hot chocolate covered with whipped cream and marshmallows after spending time on the ice at Ski Dubai. A view of the ski slopes.

A different experience

50 meters in the sky is a restaurant suspended by a crane. “Dinner in the Sky” restaurant at “Sky Dive Dubai” offers international cuisine with stunning views of the city. In the restaurant, the visitor is securely strapped to a chair where he can watch each dish being prepared by the chefs in the sky. The entire experience takes 90 minutes and the dinner table can accommodate a maximum of 22 people at each sitting.

As for the third restaurant, it describes its experience as an immersive theater space. Created by the team behind the famous White Rabbit restaurant in Moscow, Krasota is located in the Address Downtown Hotel. This restaurant combines visual art and fine dining. Visitors enjoy dinner surrounded by paintings by international artists from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, while the dining room seats visitors.

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It’s a theater hall with a large round table that seats 20, curved walls and a pixel-perfect 3D multimedia projection above the table, and each offering of the dining experience matches a dish on the menu.

Blue water bubbles

Located on “Bluewaters” Island is “The Potts” Asian restaurant, “Jumeirah Beach Residence” has bubble-like dining rooms with views of the beach. The restaurant has a total of 22 rooms, each capable of playing music via Bluetooth, and has a large dining area within the air-conditioned rooms. An Asian menu is served including edible flowers combined with botanical decor.

Finally, we see artificial intelligence scenes in the fifth restaurant. Located in the “Address Dubai Mall” hotel in the city center, the “Zenon” restaurant offers visitors the opportunity to enter a space where holographic images dance and the walls come alive with dynamic digital art.

This happens when Microsoft Kinect cameras capture every movement in the restaurant and a helmet worn by the resident DJ transforms kinetic energy into instant digital artwork that can be projected onto the walls. The restaurant’s menu offers Mediterranean and Asian cuisine created by three well-known chefs.

Dinner surrounded by paintings by international artists

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The Cultural Fund is the official sponsor of the Red Sea International Film Festival in its third edition



The Cultural Fund is the official sponsor of the Red Sea International Film Festival in its third edition

The Red Sea International Film Festival has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the Cultural Fund as its official sponsor for its third session in 2023. This partnership comes as an extension of the Red Sea International Film Festival’s commitment to supporting talent. Cinema industry, promoting creativity and pushing the Saudi film industry into the global cinema scene. The two parties seek to spark a cultural revolution by diversifying the sector’s incentives, confirming the objectives of the Cultural Fund, which aims to promote the contribution of non-profit organizations to the growth and development of the Saudi film industry. Helping the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia achieve its vision and become a regional hub for the film industry.

In this year’s edition, the Culture Fund participates in various festival activities, starting with its own stage participation in the Red Sea International Film Festival Market, through which it interacts with local, regional and international filmmakers and organizes special lunches. It provided elite filmmakers and local and international companies with all the means to participate in networking sessions. Within the Red Sea 360 project, the Cultural Fund exchanged knowledge and experience on the needs of the Saudi cinema sector, the financial instruments it offers to the sector. , and its mechanism of collaboration with other governmental and non-governmental organizations to meet these needs.

It mentions; The Cultural Development Fund was established with the objective of implementing the sixteen cultural sectors identified within the National Cultural Strategy, including films. With this funding, the Fund confirms its firm support for the Saudi film industry and reflects its commitment to developing the entire industry and improving the quality of life in Saudi Arabia.

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This strategic partnership provides a great platform to interact with professionals and experts and introduce them to the comprehensive funding packages it offers.Earlier this year, the fund launched one of the largest funding schemes dedicated to the film industry. The festival regularly gathers a collection of the best works produced by Arab and international cinema, thus providing a platform for both filmmakers and actors to showcase their work and talents.

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Taylor Swift’s tour earnings surpass $1 billion



Taylor Swift’s tour earnings surpass $1 billion


At the end of the third session of the “Red Sea International Film Festival”, the film industry celebrated its masterpieces, the festival brought together and honored many talented films, directors and actors from different parts of the world. Famous works.

In addition to the jury for the “Red Sea Short Film Competition” chaired by Hana Al-Omeir, this year’s jury for the “Red Sea Film Competition” was chaired by Baz Luhrmann. 14 categories were decided for winners. The competition included 17 feature films and 23 short films.

The competition won the Al-Sharq Award for Best Documentary for “Daughters of Olfat”, a prize worth US$10,000, and Noor Al-Qadra won the “Chopart” Award for Best Rising Talent. The final award ceremony, and “Hopeless” directed by South Korea’s Kim Sang Hoon won the audience prize of $50,000 for “Al-Ula”, while “Nowra” won the $50,000 Saudi Best Film Award. .

“Noura” from “Al-Ula” (The Red Sea) won the Best Saudi Film Award.

At the Red Sea Short Film Competition, “A Suitcase” by directors Saman Hossainpour and Ako Karimi won the silver “Al Yusr” award worth $12,500, while “You Remember” by director Dalia Nemlesh won the gold “Al Yusr” award worth $25,000.

Baloji’s “A Bad Omen” won Best Cinematography, Saleh Bakri won Best Actor for “The Professor” and Mona Hawa won Best Actress for “God Willing, a boy”. “

Director Farah Al-Nabulsi won the Jury Prize for “The Professor” (The Red Sea).

The award for best screenplay went to “Above the Shrine,” directed by Karim Ben Saleh and Jamal Belmahi, and is worth $10,000. Shokir Golikov won the $10,000 best director award for “Sunday,” and Farah Al-Nabulsi won the $10,000 jury prize for “The Professor.”

“In The Flames” Stars Celebrate “Al Yusr” Golden Award for Best Film (The Red Sea)

The Silver “Al Yusr” Award for Feature Film went to director Darsem Singh Thandwar’s “Dear Jassi” worth $30,000, while the Golden “Al Yusr” Award for Best Feature Film went to director Jarrar Khan’s “In The Flames”. $100,000.

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The Al Yusr Awards are considered one of the region’s largest awards for emerging and established voices in the fields of narrative, documentary and animation. For talent from Saudi Arabia, Arab countries, Asia and Africa, it puts them on the world cinema map, featuring the best international talent in the film industry, in front of the international cinema community.

Hana Al-Omeir and Fatih Akin are members of the jury of the Red Sea Short Film Competition (Red Sea).

Criteria for success

The jury of the Red Sea Short Film Competition was headed by Saudi writer and director Hana Al-Omair, French-Moroccan actor Asad Bou Ab and Turkish-German film director, screenwriter and producer Fatih Akin.

Hana Al-Omair told Asharq Al-Awsad, “The short films that participated in the festival in its third session were strong overall, and the selections were international and local. This issue was expected during the current session, and this is what happened.”

Al-Omair explained that films from Asia, Africa and the Arab world differed in their choice of strong themes in addition to their artistic level and diversity, noting that cinema’s elite was seen as films from Asia, Africa and the Arab countries participated in addition to the Saudi films. In this edition of the festival, and the quality of difference and surprise is one of the most important standards. Created by a jury to select participating films and award-winning films.

to honor

At the closing ceremony, the movie “Ferrari” by director Michael Mann, one of the cinema projects supported by the Red Sea Fund, was screened, and Hollywood actor and Oscar winner Nicholas was awarded the “Al Usr” Golden Honorary Award. Cage, in recognition of his outstanding talents and contribution to the film industry. The award was also presented by top performer Abdullah Al-Satan, actress Diane Kruger and Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh at the ceremony’s opening ceremony. “Dream Scenario,” a horror comedy directed by Christopher Broglie and starring Nicolas Cage, is scheduled to be shown at the end of the festival on Saturday, December 9.

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Speaking on the occasion, Jumana Al-Rasheed, President of the Red Sea Film Foundation, said: “Over the past eight days, we have welcomed guests from all over the world to Jeddah and celebrated together a vibrant global film community. Our mission behind it is to build bridges between cultures and forge new relationships by hosting more than 125 films from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Rwanda, Armenia, Malaysia, Pakistan, New Zealand, France, India, Thailand and more. Other countries, in addition… 348 submitted projects in the Red Sea market projects and 44 ongoing projects from more than 26 countries.

He added: “Indeed, we are proud to have established a place for ideas and businesses to meet, share inspiration and act as inspiration for the year ahead.”

For his part, Mohammed Al Turki, CEO of Red Sea Film Foundation, said: “Today at the closing ceremony of this year’s festival we are celebrating many successes together, including hosting the film’s Middle East premiere with Red’s support. Michael Mann for Ocean Finance – Ferrari – Creative Director, in addition to our tribute to one of Hollywood’s brightest stars; Creative actor Nicolas Cage will celebrate the contestants of the Red Sea Long and Short Film Competition together and present “Al Yusr” awards to the winners and end this unique competition on an unprecedented high.

Tafar Al-Abidin participates in the current session of the Saudi film “To My Son” (Red Sea).

A different course

Artist Tafar Abdeen Asharq told Al-Awsad: “The third session of the festival was distinguished by the high quality of films, organization, workshops and dialogue sessions. All of these enhanced the session and differentiated it from the previous two sessions. It proves that what is to come is more beautiful and better.”

About her experience in the movie “To My Son”, she said: “I enjoyed the experience of participating with Saudi stars who shined in the film and excelled in their performances, and God willing, there will be many Saudi participation in future works. Aba city where most of the scenes were shot, the most beautiful places where he met her. describes that.

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Artist Elham Shaheen told Asharq Al-Awsad, “International film festivals provide an opportunity to learn about different cultures and watch different films from all over the world, thereby understanding people and learning about their societies, culture, economy and politics. .”

Elham Shaheen linked the degree of urbanization of countries to the value and importance of the arts, not only in cinema but also in theatre, television, music, plastic arts, song and writing.

Cooperation and exchange of experience

Sawson Badr, an Egyptian artist, saw the festival as an addition to international and Arab film festivals, and he told Asharq Al-Awsad: “This festival adds a lot to other festivals, and is interested in developing a common form and language of cultures. Dialogue with others and accepting them, its ideas are our Arab It is the most important, though different from ideas.” How we think about it, use it to our advantage, and exclude from it what does not agree with us. Principles and Culture.”

Badr added that any Arab cooperation is a plus for the entire Arab region because he believes a common language is a great asset that should be used as a means of technologically transformative soft power. Art works are capable of conveying messages on a large scale, and raising issues in collective Arabic works is a very powerful way to bring the Arabic voice to the world in an interesting and purposeful way.

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“One Billion Followers Summit” brings together YouTube companies in Dubai



“One Billion Followers Summit” brings together YouTube companies in Dubai

The “Billion Followers Summit” has announced the group of most prominent names participating in its second edition in Dubai, organized by the New Media Academy on January 10 and 11, 2024 at the Emirates Towers and Museum of the Future. A variety of events including “Let’s Connect” slogans, motivational talks, dialogues, sessions, great discussions and live meetings with the audience will be attended by the brightest content creators from various fields of media, entertainment, sports, culinary, education, technology, gaming, e-sports, comedy and others.

Among the international speakers at the summit are South America’s most popular YouTube stars, Germany’s Garmentia, Europe’s most popular YouTube group, Sidemen, and content creators with the highest percentage of female followers in India. , Prajakta Kohli, and one of the most prominent content producers. Zachary Derniewski is the owner of games and e-sports in India, promoting techno gamers and humanitarian content. Accomplished and humanitarian campaigner Abufalla will also attend the summit. and satirical content creator Ahmad Al-Bashir and winner of the title of social media star in the Middle East in 2022, Ahmad Abu Al-Rab and chef. Lebanon (Disney Princess) Abeer Al-Sagheer.

Notably, 121 million people follow comedy videos and video games from Chilean content creator German Carmentia, using humor on topics such as daily life, music, sports and culture.

As for the “Sidemen” group, they are the biggest YouTube content producers in Europe, with more than 37 million fans following them on their official account on various platforms, and their videos reaching billions of views online.

Prajakta Kohli is an Indian content producer who hosts comedy videos on his channel with over 16.7 million followers. His content deals with topics related to daily life, relationships and society in a sarcastic and funny way. His channel, which has more than 50 million followers, offers techno gamers videos and is distinguished by his exciting and entertaining content. He has been instrumental in creating gaming and e-sports content in India.

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Zachary Deryniewski’s videos aim to spread positivity and goodness in society, and the Tik Tok star has attracted more than 21 million followers thanks to his humanitarian content, inspiring millions.

Abulah…registration numbers in favor

Abu Fela is known as a multi-talented content creator with over 49 million followers and is famous for his entertainment and gaming content on YouTube. He is also known for his charity campaigns, where he has raised millions of dollars to help those in need around the world. In 2022, Abu Filah raised $1 million in just 28 hours to help Syrian refugees. Abu Fela is considered a role model for the Arab youth. He is an ambitious and persistent young man who managed to achieve great success in a short period of time. He is an example of a person who wants to help others.

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