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5 Signs That Reveal Your Health And Reveal The Popular Vitamin “Secret”


This Vitamin B1 in foodsAlso known as folate, it plays an important role in many things The main functions of the bodyProduction dependent DNA And amino acid metabolism and cell division on it, so what happens when your body does not get enough?

Fortunately, there are plenty of foods such as meat, eggs, seafood and dairy products that are high in vitamins that naturally produce folic acid, so it is relatively easy to store too much. Vitamin B1 in foods (B9) In your diet.

She pointed out British National Health Authority Up to First marks Caused by anemia Folic acid deficiency It occurs during vitamin deficiency (B12) Or (B9), Which greatly affects the body’s production of red blood cells in their normal form, and they can not function properly.

She added The second mark Feeling tired and fatigued.Lack of folic acid has a huge impact on your ability to properly produce and use energy, thus making you feel weak and very tired during the day.

According to the Healthline, fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of eating a diet low in vitamin-rich foods.B9This occurs because the body is unable to produce red blood cells properly, which prevents it from delivering oxygen throughout the body.

And thisThe third mark Dull, dull skin that appears to many of us after a heavy night, but the loss of essential folic acid is another possible reason for your dull appearance.

Vitamin-related anemia, similar to iron deficiency anemiaB12Your skin is pale due to lack of red blood cells.

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In a 2021 study of the symptoms of folic acid deficiency, jaundice was another indication of vitamin deficiency.B9), The skin turns yellow as a result of increased hemolysis (degradation) caused by poor formation of red blood cells. The fourth mark.

Fifth score: Pain in your mouth is another important symptom of folic acid deficiency and it can appear in many forms. Ulcers, sore tongue or red tongue can occur when there is not enough vitamin in the body.B9) For repair and synthesis of DNA.

Recurrent sores and ulcers should not be ignored until they disappear on their own, so it is best to consult your doctor to find the cause.

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