January 31, 2023

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5 نصائح لالتقاط صور أفضل على أيفون.. جربها

5 tips to take great photos on iphone .. give it a try

The world recently celebrated World Photography Day and now that smartphones are becoming more and more powerful it has become easier to click professional quality photos. IPhone camera It’s one of the best cameras out there, and although it’s easy to use, some extra tips will always be useful. Well known photographer Rohit Vohra has shared some tips on how to get the most out of your iPhone. Camera, some of them here:

– Pay proper attention

Tap the title to focus and tap anywhere instead Screen Move the slider up or down to adjust the exposure.

– Use ProRAW for better editing

If you want to get involved in creativity and editing, try the Apple ProRAW mode, where it provides additional information on shadows and highlights that will give you the edge you need for the latter product.

Get the most out of Portrait Mode

The portrait is excellent and gives a very realistic bokeh effect to make your photos unique, allowing you to use it when you take pictures of friends and family or choose that beautiful blur when taking pictures of flowers Portrait mode allows you to choose the f-stop before and after how much blur you want in the background -Stop determines).

– Use the network

Use the grid option, which allows you to create your photos better. Also, the iPhone allows you to shoot in 16: 9 aspect ratio for wide displays.

– Using live photos can enhance photos

Use the live photo option so you can take a photo and then choose the best frame. Especially useful when taking pictures of a large group. Also use the live photo option for longer exposure scenes, because this way light trails and waterfalls look exceptional, all you have to do is take a live photo and swipe it to see the effects you can create.

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Last but not least, clean the lens frequently and use a microfiber to gently wipe the lens.