January 31, 2023

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A spectacular view of the Cairo sky .. Venus is associated with the star Al-Sabla

A spectacular view of the Cairo sky .. Venus is associated with the star Al-Sabla

Dr. Jat Al-Qadi, Director National Institute for Astronomical ResearchToday after sunset on Sunday, Venus can be seen merging with the star Al-Sabla, and the scene will continue for two or three hours or a quarter of an hour.

Al-Qaeda added, “Through the use of the” Good Morning Egypt “program, it was broadcast on Channel One and the Egyptian Satellite Channel, presented by media experts Mohammed El-Shasli and Hadir Abu Jait: , And there are other connections other than the conjunction of the day with Virgo.On September 16, the Moon is associated with Saturn, one of the most beautiful planets and is characterized by its rings.After two days, the Moon is associated with Jupiter until ten or twelve in the evening after sunset.

The director of the National Institute for Astronomical Research will see 8 astronomical events this month, the most important of which is the autumn equation, in which the length of night is equal to the day, the sun is at the equator, and there will be an autumn equinox on September 22, emphasizing that these events do not affect human life, but everyone Can enjoy.

He stressed that any event associated with sunlight is the only warning against seeing with the naked eye, noting that the distance between Venus and Spike is millions of light years, but on this day the two planets appear behind each other, so this event is called fusion.