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5000 dirhams save “Abu Hamad” from blindness


(Abu Hamad – Comoros – 46 years old) suffered from eye health problems and severe visual impairment several years ago.

Many, due to a defect in the functioning of the cornea of ​​the eye, led to his inability to see clearly, which forced him to be admitted to the emergency department of Tawam Hospital in Al Ain some time ago.

The doctors insisted on the need for him to wear special lenses as soon as possible, otherwise the patient will become permanently blind, and then the doctor will decide when to perform surgery to correct and repair the retina. The lenses cost 5000 dirhams, and the problem was that the patient’s financial capabilities did not allow him to manage that amount, so he appealed to the good people to help him manage the costs of the lenses.

A medical report issued by the Tawam Government Hospital said, “A patient from the Comoros Islands, aged 46, suffers from a defect in the iris of the eye and currently needs to wear special lenses to reduce the visual impairment. An emergency corneal transplant is then performed. ”For him this type of lenses cost 5,000 dirhams and the patient could not pay in full and he had to wear the lenses otherwise he would suffer. Permanent blindness.

The patient (Abu Hamad) tells the story of his illness: “Two years ago, I felt that I could not see clearly, and I see things dimly, with chronic headaches, so I thought I should wear medical glasses, then I went to an eyeglass shop, and I had an operation. .” In the vision test, it was found that there was a difference in the visual acuity between the right and left eyes, so the doctor advised me to wear medical glasses to protect my vision, so I removed the glasses.

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And the patient continued: “After I put on the prescription glasses, my vision improved a little, but at the same time I felt severe discomfort while wearing them, and I had constant headaches.

And the patient continued: “I went to the emergency department at Tawam Hospital, the attending doctor examined me, he decided to stay with them for a day to conduct medical tests and analyzes and find out the cause of the headache. I was given some medicine and painkillers, and then the doctor asked me if I was sick, so I said that I have weakness in vision, he asked me to do an eye test to make sure that there are no health problems for them.

The patient added: “I stayed in the hospital and all the tests and analyzes that the doctor requested of me were done, which showed that in addition to the severe weakness of my vision due to a defect, I suffer from hypertension. The work of the cornea of ​​the eye, which often causes headaches, and he asked me, the doctor is a An iris transplant should be done, otherwise I will become blind in a short time, but now he told me that it will cost 5000 dirhams, so that I wear special lenses and maintain my vision, and should be obtained as soon as possible, considering the weakness of my financial situation, this amount Big for me.Inability to pay even a fraction of the cost of the lenses.

(Abu Hamad) indicated that his family consisted of three members and that he had been unemployed for two years and was working in a private company in Al Ain for a salary of 5,000 dirhams and his services had been terminated. The company he works for is in loss and he gets financial support from his younger brother. , which does not meet the needs of their daily lives, and he says, “I cannot pay even a small part of it now. The special lenses I need are expensive.”

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I appeal to good and kind people to arrange the cost of lenses and help me to save him from permanent blindness.

• (Abu Hamad) Impaired function of the cornea of ​​the eye and inability to see clearly.

• (Abu Hamad) has been unemployed for two years and supports a family of three.

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